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10th house in Astrology: know what Your Luck Speaks about you

The 10th house is the house of our deeds, name, fame, position in society and recognition. What your luck speaks, you can see it from this house. Sun is the significator of the 10th house which gives father, name, fame, recognition. If the sun is placed very well from this house, you will easily get name, fame, and recognition. Saturn is the owner of the 10th house in kalapurusha kundali and significator of this house too. Whose Saturn is malefic in his birth chart, then native attracted to the politics. Another significator of this house is mercury. Mercury is also significator of business. If mercury is well placed from this house, then native is very good in business.

When the sun is ruling this house or sun is in the 10th house, then the person has a face value in his workplace. Like in government job or ministry. If the moon is placed in 10th house or moon ruling the 10th house, then, you always attain your work with the emotions. You feel everything in depth. These people do the job like consulting, counseling, and healing. If mars are ruling the 10th house or present in 10th house then all kind of manufacturing work, industries etc comes under the mars. All administration jobs, fire industry comes under the mars. These people have always a temptation to do new things. If Mercury is lord of the 10th house then it’s good as native will do all his work with the application of his mind. If it is placed in 10th house them do not go for business as the rule Karak bhav nashaye applies. Do the things like commission agent or a connector who meets the people. If Jupiter is in 10thhouse or ruling this house then it’s good for astrology, teaching job, advisory and consulting business. Motivators, top management etc. When Venus is lord of 10th house or present in the 10th house, then these are the people who never seen to others like they are working, it looks like they are enjoying. All film starts, a luxury industry, hotel industry, food industry, jewelry, imitation items, traveling industry where the aim is only pleasure comes under Venus. These native repay immediately for their deeds as Saturn which is original lord of 10th house in default setting never harm the venus. If Saturn is in the 10thhouse or ruling the 10th house, then you are not working and you make sure that others are working. Labour contractor, all CXOs like CEO, CFO etc, housekeeping business, etc comes under Saturn who knows how to take work from others. If Rahu is in 10th house then native doing some unconventional work. These are the people who are inventors. They invent things accidentally like e in the nation of insulin. All technology, electronic or electric work which makes other life easy, comes under Rahu. Ketu is very bad in the 10th house. Native doing daily something but he never knows what he is doing, where he has to reach. Ketu absorbs the energy of the 10th house.

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