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Are the Moon and Saturn in the same house, always bad? Are they enemy planets?

Positive side: It is said that in this combination a person is fair, hardworking, honest. Due to this combination, a person is also born of disinterest.

How to poison yoga formed:

1. If Moon and Saturn are sitting together in any house, then poison yoga is formed.

According to astrology, both auspicious and inauspicious yogas are formed in a person’s horoscope. Auspicious yoga is known as Raja Yoga and inauspicious yoga is known as doshas. If there is poison yoga along with Raja Yoga in one’s horoscope, then the person never gets pleasure. Poison Yoga is formed due to Saturn and Moon.

In transit, poison Yoga is formed when Saturn transit above the Moon or when the Moon transit above Saturn. Whenever the Moon comes in the sign of Saturn in transit, poison is formed.

3. Some astrological scholars believe that apart from Yuti, Visha Yoga is formed by the sight of Saturn on the moon.

4. Saturn in Cancer is in Pushya Nakshatra and Moon is in Shravan Nakshatra in Capricorn or Chandra and Saturn are in opposite positions and if both are looking at each other from their respective places then even then poison is formed.

5. If the Rahu is present on the 8th and Saturn is in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio ascendant, even then this Yoga is formed.

6. Poison yoga is formed even if the Moon is in the Antar Dasha of Saturn or Saturn is in an anterdasha of the moon.

when the poison yoga is not formed:

1. If Saturn is weak in the horoscope and the Moon is strong then the effect of Visha Yoga is less.

2. The degree is seen in Yuti. If it is 12 degrees away from each other by degree, then this yoga will not form.

3. In which house this yoga is being formed in the horoscope is also analyzed. If there is a Saturn moon combination of Aries ascendant first house, then this yoga effect will slow. Because Saturn is weak in Aries, but if this combination is in the tenth house of aries ascendant, then it will be effective for because Saturn will be in its own zodiac and will be looking at the fourth house of moon.

4. Regardless of the ascendant, if it is formed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, then it is an applied.

Effect of Saturn and Moon connection

Due to this, there has always been a feeling of dissatisfaction, sorrow, gloom, despair and lack of life in the native’s mind. Sometimes there are thoughts like committing suicide. Meaning negative thinking persists in the mind all the time.

In whatever house this combination is, it spoils the fruit of that house. For example, if this combination is in the fifth house, then the person never gets stability in life. Keeps wandering If there is a combination of Moon and Saturn in the seventh house then the life partner of the native belongs to a reputed family, but there is no guarantee of a happy married life. If there is Mars along with moon Saturn, then there are more problems in married life.

The person works get to destroyed by enemies and he can get harmed by them or enemies cause him trouble. his enemies are active in the life of the native.

A person with the moon and Saturn is never able to work according to his own, he always has to take the support of others. There is instability in the nature of such a person. Even small failures disappoint him.

In astrology, Moon is the mind factor and Saturn is the factor of the victim. If the Moon and Saturn are connected in one’s horoscope, it is called Visha Yoga. This yoga increases a person’s mental troubles.

If a person has a lot of wealth and money and there is poison yoga in the horoscope, then such a person is not able to use that money. If there is poison yoga in the horoscope and lack of other auspicious yoga, then the rich person gradually starts becoming poor when it’s dasha activated.

If the Moon or Saturn is in the first house of one’s horoscope, then one has to face conflicts.

The family life of a person becomes not normal due to the yoga of Moon and Saturn in the second house.

Having poison yoga in the fifth house is not auspicious for the child.

There is a loss of money when there is a Moon-Saturn poison yoga in the sixth house.

In the seventh house, this moon Saturn poison yoga can cause illness.

A person should beware of snakes if there is poison yoga in the eighth house.

A person gets both auspicious and inauspicious results by having this yoga in the ninth house depends upon sign placement.

In the eleventh house, poison yoga gives inauspicious results In terms of earning money and make relationship poor with friends and brothers.

A person is not greedy in terms of money when there is poison yoga in the twelfth house.

6 ways to slow down the effects of this yoga:

1. Read Hanuman Chalisa every day. Apply saffron tilak on the head.

2. Keep donating shadow-daan by seeing your face in mustard oil every Saturday.

3. Never drink milk at night. Offer milk on shivling.

4. Keep your speech and actions pure.

5. Stay away from meat and alcohol and serve a mother or mother-like woman.

6. Do not live in Agneya, South, South-West facing houses.

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