Be Solution Oriented

Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

Some people believe that making mistakes is like making irreparable dents. It’s hard to let go of negative thoughts, especially criticism. Under the grand laws of nature, our mind can only hold one thought at a time. If you always thought about negative thoughts, this mentality could only hinder your personal growth.

Think of yourself as a guardian, standing at the gate of your brain, choosing who and what gets in.At first, you’ll have lots of distracting thoughts, but you’ll get better at keeping those out of your head over time. That’s the goal.“Make war against the weaker thoughts
that have crept into your mind.
They will see that they are unwanted
and leave like unwelcomed guests.”

The secret of happiness is simple:
find out what you truly love to do
and then direct all of your energy towards doing it.
Once you do this, progress flows into your life
and all your desires are filled with grace.

The more disciplined your mind becomes, the easier it’ll be to turn it into the beautiful, energizing place you need.

Always be learning and getting better.For this, you always make a few minutes to practice silence after waking up.Move, get up, do some exercise. Whatever gets the blood flowing.Keep your mind stimulated with a bit of reading or studying.Always follow your principles. Write them down, be aware of them and stick to them.Live your priorities and remove everything else that’s unnecessary.

Write a goal-contract with yourself and include a timeline;
Build your habit by taking a brave step every day towards achieving it. Remember: tiny steps are still steps; If you make a very small effort on daily basis it will help you to achieve your goal.Self-Awareness is the root of’s high time to you stop accepting a life of mediocrity. The only way to experience more is to push yourself to do more.

A trace of fragrance always remains in the hands that present you with roses.It’s a metaphor, which says whenever you help someone else, some of the benefits will come back right to you. You rarely know when and how, but karma always comes around.Stay focused on your purpose.The Universe will take care of everything else.When you identify the things that are holding you back, you should face them. Do the things you fear, because you’re building the foundation of success within yourself.The Universe favors the brave.When you resolve to lift your life to its highest level,
the strength of your soul will guide you towards your destiny. Always say to yourself:“I am more than I appear to be.All the world’s strength and power rest inside of me.”

We are all here for some special purpose in life.Stop being a prisoner of your past experiences.Become the architect of your future.

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