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Power of Thinking Twice!!

Our basic needs — fulfilling relationships, success, peace of mind — are surprisingly straightforward to achieve.But in many cases, our best efforts to achieve them are built on habits that don’t work.Things we think will impress someone, but instead prompt rejection. We try to comfort a friend, but somehow make her more upset.All of these situations could be avoided with just a moment’s pause to consider the consequences of our actions and make a better choice. This is where the 3seconds Rule comes in.

The secret to making good decisions that can simplify your life is always to take a single breath — lasting three seconds — before acting.When we give our reaction to anyone its mostly depends on first impulse of our brain which may be right or may be wrong.probability of having wrong decision is more than being it right.Fo example if you are arguing with someone and in first impulse of your brain you want to give a strong answer for that argument,but if you wait for three seconds and then a second impulse comes to your mind and you thought that winning argument is not important it is just wastage of time and energy then probably you change your decision to give your answer.

It may sound incredibly simple, but that pause has been proven to be all the time you need to reign back your impulses and find the presence of mind to make the smartest choice.

A three-second break teaches you the self-control. Each time you manage it, you will be proving to yourself that temptation is only a suggestion. The three-Second Rule gives you a chance to question your actions and get the right outcome.Once you’ve learned the three-Second Rule, you can start creating more meaningful relationships with others. Here’s how:

In the heat of a row with a partner, don’t respond based on how you feel in the moment (use the three-Second Rule!), but rather based on what the other person needs to resolve the situation. Once they’ve calmed down, you can move forward.

Don’t just read this try to experiment it then you will realize the power of thinking twice and act wise!!!

9 thoughts on “Power of Thinking Twice!!”

  1. A simple but truly empowering tip… Man forgets that he is, by nature, a creature of haste, always rushing.
    This 3 second rule really forces us to focus on “the now/tge present moment” before taking a decision.

    Brilliant post 👌

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  2. Great point!

    I love the statement, “…temptation is only a suggestion.” It’s a powerful thought!
    Indeed, by using the the 3-second rule, I have the time to quickly evaluate if the “suggestion” is worth reacting to.

    Thank you for this great post!

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