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Numerology Number 2

If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th day of any month you have a Number 2 Life Path Number.In the spiritual significance of numbers, 2 carries the energy of the Sacred Feminine. As the second of all numbers, 2’s symbolism is the union of and peace between different entities.If this is your number, you have the ability to gather information from active listening. You remember the oddest little details and use them very effectively to disarm various situations.The soul of a 2 is not good at being alone. 2s take a supporting role behind the curtain.

These people strength is in their mind, and in everything, they are looking more for the spiritual than for physical satisfaction. These people like to dream more. People of Number 2 are soft and forgiving by nature, and they do not use any strength or aggressiveness to succeed in life.

People born under the influence of 2 have a natural drive to serve.Numerology Life path 2 is a representation of the moon. The moon is the ruler of this number. Like the moon, these people are moody, sensitive and shy. These folks are very caring and nurturing since Moon in astrology rules the sign of Cancer. These people are Caring natured like a mother because moon represents the mother in astrology. They love doing service for others and enjoying it. But sometimes they are over-sensitive, with a delicate ego that is too easily hurt. They are timid or fearful sometimes.

Although these people are not aggressive they may at times be confronted with aggressive people. If so, respond with subtlety and shrewdness as this is where their strengths lie.There may be many ups and downs on lifepath in the making of themselves financially secure.These people’s life lesson is to learn from their past but not to look back at it.

As a remedy, life path 2 number people can only do one thing just see the moon at night for few minutes. This will increase the rays of the moon in your body which helps to boost the power of the mind.Increase the intake of water. If you have silver dishes then you can use them too to increase the power of moon as moon rules the silver. Always respect your mother.moon represents the mother in astrology.

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