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Excusitis: The Disease of Failures(Part-2)

Every Successful person makes the commitment to dedicate their free time to the pursuit of learning (instead of relaxing in front of the television.) And they stick to their promise of learning new things. Where “I don’t know how it’s too hard”, this is the second excuse most people talk about. With a small amount of planning, you can learn any skills or anything whatever it is doesn’t matter, to a sufficient level with around 20 hours and often less of concentrated, focused effort.With the mindset of learning, there are countless things you can learn in your spare time by using deep work strategy.Deep work strategy is the type where you need to plant out in really deep to get the work done. It takes time, though, inspiration, motivation, and passion. It may result from of best outcome in a little period of time. But more often you need to spend enough time on what you are doing, without any distraction of social media or tv or mail checking or frequently notification checking while working.

Who cares in this world about becoming a world-class expert in one special thing or special expertise? Learning tons of different skills to a fulfilling the level is where it’s at! But remember that If you want to get best at any skill where in your real-life performance matters, you have to actually practice that skill in context always. Dividing the skill into possible smallest parts you’re trying to learn and then identifying which of those parts are most important, then purposely practicing those parts of skill first. The amount of desire to learn that skill helps you to get the best outcome.


Frequent learning sessions are much better than longer, infrequent ones mean deep work strategy is a must.You can speed up your learning and remember more means start teaching others whatever you learn, this will help to remember and when you giving knowledge to others you are more concern about your knowledge that what wisdom you are delivering. This helps to make your own knowledge more adequate.You can learn faster when you practice distributed learning, or “spacing” reason is human brain actually pays less attention during short learning intervals.20-minute power nap boosts concentration, alertness, creativity, and mood. But Make sure you set an alarm clock for 20 min when it is time to wake up. For avoiding noise you can use earplugs. These naps are a useful item in your toolbox for when you need a quick refreshment break.

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