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How to Win : Action/Argument

You must know that your Words are only itself the most powerful force available to world for humanity and have lots of energy and power due to human emotion with the ability to help, heal,hurt, harm and to humble. That’s why always wise people say that think before you speak. To know about power of thinking twice you can visit on :

Power of Thinking Twice✌

When you argue with someone,you can’t understand that words are never gonna waste,either you win or lose the argument. By arguing with a superior you talk over the intelligence of them which is always more powerful than that person. Aruguer always having lack of awareness that is root of argument.

Since everyone believes that he is always right, and words will never convince him otherwise because he has a mindset which he doesn’t want to change, that person’s thought goes only on deaf ears and also if cornered, he only argues more, digging his own tomb . Once he has made the other person feel 100% wrong and so person become insecure with feeling of low level in his beliefs, the nobody’s wisdome could not save the situation. So always better to convince your opposite side person by showing your opinion, rather than arguing or trying to dominate them with your words.

Words can be weak and troublesome; in front of strong positive and genuine action. People think you are a Fool if you try to dominate them by your words and still if you win through your words what you think that person will not untrusted to drag you down or defeat you in any how. They become revegful and seeking just one mistake of your so that they can dominate you by their words this time. Words are never neutral regardless of how wisely chosen, are going to come across to the person we’re conversing with.

It doesn’t matter if you’re right or not. Most of the time, especially when arguing, people can be headstrong , and this is fact we ALL think that we’re right so there is no sin to think like that. The strong you argue, the more you disrespect the person and their beliefs , and then they try their 100% effort to resist.

However, if you chose to prove your ideas by your action instead of your words the easier they’ll accept you and your idea, because how can anybody argue with “ already proven proof?” They will able to see what you mean, right in front of them, and they won’t be able to clash you with their point. It takes a little more effotrs than tact to pull this off, but when you do good the right move, you’ll be able to pass your idea most effectively. This is the right way to win without offending sombody.It is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word. Demonstrate, do not explicate.

Now consider a real example of this;Take the engineer in Athens receiving orders from his commander Mucianus to send the largest ship’s mast to be used to help in the siege of the town of Pergumus. The engineer argued that what the commander needed was not the larger mast, but the smaller which would be better suited for the task. Mucianus was infuriated and sent for the engineer who continued to try to explain his reasoning for sending the smaller mast. For his disobedience, he was flogged and scourged with rods until he died.The engineer’s argument went on trash bin and Nobody cared whether or not he was right or wrong.The fact of the matter was that a superior gave a command and he decided not follow and that by insulting the intelligence of his master by arguing was more important to him. Instead of arguing if hr send small and big mast both (and can said take both whichever fit they can use) to his master and when master found that big one is not working then he use small one and also appreciate him too. But he try to win the situation by arguing which makes him in trouble.

Actions and demonstrations are much more powerful than any tons of the words that one can vomit out his mouth. No one can argue with demonstrated proof because The truth is generally seen, rarely heard. To prevent yourself from argument you should Choose Your Battles Wisely always because Sometimes it is best to conserve your energy and walk away!!

19 thoughts on “How to Win : Action/Argument”

  1. Very powerful post Nidhi,

    I agree with you, that our words are powerful and they are full of energy.Just like our thoughts they all have own frequency.Of course our deeds are very important .Words without deeds are empty!

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  2. So very true, thank you for this post because today I had an argument and yet again i felt, why???? Why am I talking, responding and or getting angry when it was clear nothing was being heard. I needed this xoxo

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