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Act Less, Think more: Stop doing anything that isn’t valuable, doesn’t make you happy

Managing time in our day to day life is a challenging task to do every day. We’re always looking to do more and more things in 24 hours with the best reward that relaxation and taking care of ourselves is just around the corner, but maybe you still do not know that 80% results come only from 20% of work. We should change our way of thinking about time management and start focusing on those things which are more important and give more quick results in comparison to other things.If we slow down our doing so many things at a time in a day and did fewer things, our happiness would increase and our time management all the time craze would fade away quickly. A little out of box thinking makes you do things differently. Always take action that will lead to the best outcome you can make requires some new effort.

You might notice that 80% of the results come from 20% of the work. Like you feel better with 20%friend of yours instead of 80%. n health care in the United States, 20% of patients have been found to use 80% of healthcare resources.You wear 20% off clothes and rest 80% very less used by you.We expect things to be in straight and balanced form, but that’s not nature’s way of working.This mismatched situation in life is the natural state of life and we all have to come to hold with that.The reason for these mismatches is analyzation. Stop blaming external factors and start analyzing internal factors.Some companies generate 50% of the revenue from their top 3 -4products. You could increase best outcomes in any area by focusing on 3 top-to do things in business or daily life or any relationship. This 80/20 principle works everywhere but to take advantage of it to not stick with numbers.

Once you able to differentiate your own needs and wants, then you know what’s important to you and what’s not. You won’t waste your time and energy with people who aren’t good for you, and you can work on maintaining good relationships with the people in family and friends, who share your core values and who loves you actually. Always keep in mind that nobody is disturbed by events, but by the view, a person takes off the event! Whenever you did not like someone’s behavior in a relationship, then think their actions are theirs, you cannot own them, you cannot change them, you can only process them in your mind.Maybe your partner/friend isn’t a perfect person as you want or great for sharing his/her feelings, but it’s okay because the 80 percent you do get is really good. it’s the endless wants for that missing 20 percent you’d hoped for.

If You select to have only healthy foods in a meal, 80% of the time, which then allows you to satisfy in your favorite meal 20 percent of the time. What’s great about this80/20 rule approach is it means you’re less likely to cut out whole food groups, become delay in denying yourself selected food items. The simplest way to be very sure that you’re eating all the healthy foods is Look Portion sizes of meal items need to be managed- just because itís healthy doesn’t mean you can eat huge amounts in one sitting. You can choose 80%food which is healthy and 20%portion which not so healthy but you like to have it at least one time.You could even apply this tule to your budgeting, you use 20 percent of your income for financial goals, then spend 80 percent on everything else.

24 thoughts on “Act Less, Think more: Stop doing anything that isn’t valuable, doesn’t make you happy”

  1. Hi Nidhi!
    Thank you so much for following my blog. Where did you find Mostly Blogging? I always wonder. Your post expressed beautiful sentiments. I try to make happiness my goal, always.

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      1. Whatever I learned I write 🤗 there is nothing special. 👍 currently I am learning Indian Vedic astrology since april 2015,whatever I learned I decide to write for people who interested in these things.


  2. Hello Nidhi!
    Your article is wonderful, but unfortunately it is very difficult to manage time in countries whose work makes their employees slave. When someone owns your own business, it may be easier to have that control.
    Anyway I admire this post.
    A hug.

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  3. Good advice post. I needed to read this today, to re-organise my time better. Have spent about 80% of time healing myself and at last have come to a point where I have balanced myself in this area. Food is a great point. Some many diets or diet groups offer alternative ways of eating but in fact they are just changing one bad diet to another. Over eating no matter what the food is poor. Blessings

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