In which house does the Moon give the best results?

The effect of the moon varies in different forms in the horoscope. Moon has special significance in Vedic astrology. Moon holds the rank of Queen in Vedic astrology and the moon is called the factor of mind.

Just as we cannot do any work without the mind, similarly astrology is incomplete without the moon. Just as the Sun is king in astrology, Moon is the Queen. Moon signifies our mind and spirit. The Moon has its own house in Cancer and the Moon is in exaltation in Taurus.

The nature of the moon is very sensitive. The nature of this planet is cold. In astrology, the moon is a factor of the mind, water, conception, infant state, behavior, northwest direction, mother, milk, and peace of mind, travel abroad, etc.

Let us know what kind of fruit the Moon gives in the twelve houses located in the horoscope. By the way, this fruit will be a normal fruit because the fruit of the planet changes when it is under the sight If any planet or with conjunction to another planet or the moon is sitting alone in a house and there is no sight of any planet on it, then the native will be of benign nature but if the moon is seated with Mars or has a visual relationship, the person will become quarrelsome or angry.

Moon in 1st house

That person is mighty and attains comfort. Such a person is very emotional and sensitive. The person is beautiful and playful. The person is particularly interested in imaginative and creative works. The moon of the first house makes a person skillful.

The moon makes you travel abroad in the first house. Such a person likes to roam and travel. This person takes many trips throughout his life. Also travels abroad. If the person is a resident of the village, then he definitely travels to the big city of his country or nation. If the Moon is in the Dual zodiac sign, then this pleasure is definitely attained. Because such a person is a migrant, unstable intellect, luxuriant, quiet, kind, sociable nature, seductive, generous, and gentle person. Native is wonderful for his women, or men, and friends. Such a person takes an interest in social work. And he gets good respect in society, especially among the low-class people.

Such a person is afraid of water/water and tries to stay away from water like a river, pond, sea, etc. Such a person is also very afraid of disease. If the moon of this house is strong, the person is very clever and sly. It may also have to withstand female/wife disconnection.

If the first house is of Cancer, Taurus, or Aries Ascendant, then a person is smart, handsome, rich, rich, prosperous, and will enjoy many types of enjoyment. If in other zodiac signs, a person can become foolish, sick, and poor. It also causes fear of injury from animals. This type of native has a strong possibility of having coughs, respiratory disease, and arthritis.

Moon in the second house

Lakshmi always lives in that native’s house. Such a person is a man or a woman with beautiful eyes. Such a person is especially strong in the people of the opposite sex. It is also said that Lakshmi herself comes and resides happily in a native’s house.

There is no doubt that the second house or place from the lagna is called Dhan Bhava or Dhan Sthan, due to which if the moon is sitting strongly here as the lord of the auspicious house then it will make that native rich. The moon will most likely benefit. The income of the native will be good as well as he will be able to save money. But all of this will depend on the position of the moon in the horoscope, if the moon is inauspicious with the planets then there will be a decrease in the moon’s auspiciousness. It is also possible to fluctuation from time to time in the economic condition of man. The family of such a person can be very large.

In this house, Moon can also give voice and eye defects. If the moon is not in good condition then there may be some interference in the primary education of the native, the main reason is that the second house is also of primary education. It has been seen that if the moon is located in the second house after being the lord of the 6th house, eighth house, and twelfth house, then the native has speech and eye defects. At the same time, family afflictions persist.

If the moon is in Scorpio or Capricorn in the second house, it does not provide good results. Such a person lacks in the happiness of wealth. The person is expensive by nature. Frequent loss opportunities keep coming. The Moon in Scorpio zodiac is inferior, such a person does his loss due to wrong decision of his own. If the Moon is of Taurus or Cancer, then wealth is attained.

Therefore the native must migrate abroad. If the native goes abroad, he will definitely get lucky. Such a person must remain connected with some social organization.

Moon in the third house

Such a person gains wealth by his might. He gets more happiness from his brothers. He has a religious tendency. He is respected. He gets artistic qualities.

Moon makes the native inquisitive. He is aware of all the subject matter. Such a person does not want to spend without any reason. Saving is his natural quality. There is no hesitation to spend on his pride. Such a person is very fond and his hobbies are also variable. Not only this, if he is a businessman then there is a change in the business also again and again.

Such a person loves trips, travel becomes a part of the life of the native. The moon sits in this place and looks at the place of fortune, that is, a person must take a short journey to increase his fortune. Such a person is also striving for fame. Such a person always wants to do something new. Making plans for the future is a simple game for them. One of the drawbacks of this is that the person is not able to express his ideas in front of the other person properly.

One definitely gets the happiness of brother and sister. Such a person has a good relationship with neighbors and gets benefits from them as well. The fame started from the 28th year of life.

If the Moon is in the third house in conjunction with sin planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, the person is going to chatter. Brothers are also harmed.

If the Moon is with auspicious planets like – Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mercury, then man is going to enjoy all the happiness. And if the moon is off its Taurus zodiac sign or its cancer sign, then the person is full of all kinds of money. He is also interested in poetry.

Moon in the fourth house

Such a person gets the pleasure of having a good son, woman, money, and he is a scholar. The native is praised everywhere. Honor is received in society. Keeps donating from time to time. One gets all kinds of happiness. His friends are good. Such a person definitely gets vehicle pleasure.

Such a person gets a ministerial post or government job, ministerial post or job depends on the strength of the moon. Such a person is kind, and passionate by nature. There are more confidence and satisfaction in him.

Together, such a person is like an affectionate image and he gets his wealth from his mother and his luck is also due to his mother.

And if such a person does any work related to water, then he gets infallible wealth. One earns money from maritime trade ie by taking goods by ships and selling them in another country.

Such a person should do the work of import-export. Such a native also earns a lot of money from the ornaments business.

In the fourth house, the Moon is of Taurus sign, native gets the wealth from the in-laws. The fate of such a person happens only after marriage.

If the moon belongs to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, native does not get ancestral property or will have to leave it for some reason.

Whichever native’s moon is in the fourth house of the horoscope, he should consider his mother as a goddess and take her blessings every day. Do not forget to take blessings of Mother before doing any work. With the blessings of the mother, your all works will be done. Never hurt your mother’s heart.

Moon in the fifth house

Such a native must have child happiness. The child of the native will be happy. The native will definitely get the happiness of the girl child. The native will love his child and wife very much. The native will be bright and strong. Be careful in all tasks. If the moon is the auspicious position then the native will be of good behavior.

If such a native is called lover or priest of love, then there will be no exaggeration. The person will have fun having fun nature, will be intelligent as well as courageous.

Such a person is, truth-speaking, always happy. And there is a collector of various things.

The inauspicious moon gives depression or mental illness. If the malefic effect is on the fifth moon the native becomes wicked. No work can be done without interruption. The native becomes pessimistic of stubborn nature. Sometimes due to negative thoughts, one gets affected by mental illness.

If the moon is in the enemy zodiac then there is a decrease in the son’s happiness. The moon also gives twin children here. If the moon is in the earth element, then the person gets higher education and if there is a moon in the fire element, then the education remains incomplete. If the moon is in a friendly sign, the native is less talkative and believes in doing more work. The wife of the native is beautiful and talented.

Moon in the sixth house: –

Such natives act as servants. Here the moon is never able to give good results, the main reason is that the 6th house is a house of disease, debt, repu, fight-quarrel, mourning, etc. Their relationship with their mother is normal, if the mother is troubled by diseases or any other reason, then the person is very unhappy with her and keeps trying to get rid of her mother’s sufferings as soon as possible.

The moon in the 6th house gives mental anguish to the person. Such a person always thinks something or the reason why a glimpse of anxiety is clearly visible on his face. Such a person tries to look tough from outside but is very emotional with the mind.

Not only this, but he is also very sensitive to social inequalities happening in society and family, but is afraid to raise his voice. He talks about justice but does not fight for justice.

The moon of this place never allows the native to be satisfied with his work, if the person does the job, then he changes the job again and again. If a person is not able to take a decision suddenly, then the person is able to make a decision only after asking his favorite friends. The natives easily identify enemies.

In the seventh house, the relationship of the moon is related to the lagnesh and karmas, which can make the person a good doctor. If there is a moon in this house in the horoscope of a doctor, then he definitely gets respect and appreciation. Also one can become a good mobilizer. The person feels very much good in the social program. If someone asks him any work by saying him affectionating words like brother, the person is not able to refuse.

Such a person always suffers from stomach related diseases. Eye disease begins to complain of shrinking of the pupil of the eye or pain in the eye.

Moon in the seventh house

If the person wishes to go abroad, then with some effort the desire of the person is fulfilled. The Moon of the seventh house makes Videsh Yog in the horoscope, and that is why traveling to foreign also feels good. If the person is working, he has to travel for one reason or the other. And such a native has to stay away from his place of birth. The native is proficient in the process of action and is also parasitic. If the moon is good then natives also get spouse pleasure. If the full moon is in this house, then the native is beautiful and his wife is beautiful. And they soon get married at a reasonable age.

The moon in the seventh house makes the person speaking humble and sweet. Such natives are stingy. There is seriousness in his speech. They have the ability to lead. The person is very cultured and well-liked and also likes to live with high-ranking people. The native gets upset first and then shows his patience.

If the Moon is in the fiery zodiac sign, then phlegm, respiratory diseases, and blood diseases are contaminated.

Most of them have to breathe through a single nose a day. It is common for them to have nasal congestion at night after a meal.

A person is a business person, the person also gets success in business. If the person who is the moon in the seventh house, will trade groceries, milk, medicines, spices, or grains and work as a hotel, bakery, insurance, or commission agent, then you will get the benefit. The natives can do business in partnership. But in partnership also, people always try to change.

Anyway, just as the native does not like to stay in one place for a long time, similarly the person does not want to depend on the same business. The native can become a lawyer and can practice law as a lawyer. In a company, the person can do marketing work and in this work, the person can make a lot of progress as well as will get respect.

Moon in the 8th house: –

Moon in the eighth house is considered inauspicious. Whichever person’s moon is in the eighth house in the horoscope, then the natives can suffer from some disease from the time of birth.

The main reason for this is that in astrology, the eighth house is considered to be a death and obstructive house.

The moon of the eighth house gives eye disease. One also suffers from the pain of cold fever. There is also a possibility of air disease in the body. If there is a moon even under the influence of inauspicious planets, then the person has epilepsy or unconscious disease. It has also been observed that if the person is not suffering from unconsciousness or epilepsy then there is a lot of anger inside that person, sometimes in anger only with unconsciousness form is visible.

If the moon is sitting with the sixth or eighth lord and any sin planet influence In it, then the person is childish nature.

According to Manasagari, if the moon is in the eighth house from the ascendant, if the auspicious planet is in conjunction with Guru, Mercury, or Venus, or in the Dristi, then the moon also protects from death. Therefore, it is clear that the eighth moon not only gives death but also provides longevity.

If the Moon is in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, then the person gets the benefit of money in some form or the other.

If the moon is in Gemini Libra or Aquarius, then the person gets a good wife. And in married life, the native always suffers.

If there is a moon of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces in the eighth, then man is a practicing yoga practitioner, worshiper, and interested in Vedas (spirituality).

The native gets the pleasure of a huge vehicle. If the moon is in Taurus zodiac sign, he has longevity. The native has to renounce his or her bondage due to the woman or there is a conflict with them.

Such a person should stay away from the river, pond, well, etc. Death is fear.

If such a person does intelligent work then he is successful.

Moon in the 9th house.

If there is a moon in the ninth house then the native will be fortunate, popular, religious, learned and courageous, and lucky.

The native has the ability to do some specific work, so the person must recognize his ability. A person is a spiritual person, always supportive of religion. You have full faith in works like philanthropy and charity. By virtue of charity, the work of the person expands. Extent, an individual is a person of a stubborn nature. The native always favors justice and is a diligent person.

The karmic principle of the native starts from a young age. The destiny of the native starts from the 22nd year of age. Wherever a person works, he will always achieve success. The native will not only be honored by the people, but the government or any respectable person associated with the government will honor the person.

The native is devoted to his parents. The child of the native will be very worthy and will also be devoted to him. The native travels abroad many times in his life and helps the society through hospitals, and reservoirs. The native earns a lot of wealth during his lifetime. Whether the person is fond of traveling or not, he has to take small or big trips.

The Moon situated in the ninth house makes native physically healthy. If there is a sight of bad planets and inauspicious Bhavesh, then some disease like cold-cough, or joint pain can be painful. If the moon belongs to the watery sign and is also making connections with the inauspicious planets, then you can suffer from tuberculosis. But in childhood, the natives will be physically fit and athletic.

Moon in the tenth house

The person gets both rank and prestige. Such a person is like a divinity. He gets a lot of happiness from his captives. The native’s childhood passes into some trouble, but all the happiness is attained in puberty. If the native has two sons, there is a possibility of suffering from the eldest (elder) son.

A native is a wise man but also of a kind and serene nature. The native’s nature is content. The native is a very efficient person, so the person achieves great success in life. The native is positive. In the tenth house, the moon gives the person all the victory. The person who takes the job in his hand gets success in that work. If the moon is not involved with the sight of inauspicious planets or the combination of inauspicious planets, then such a person is always engaged in auspicious actions.

Such a person is also very popular in society & in the workplace. The native grows business with his speech.

The native is also very skilled in his business and business matters. The native also performs a job in which there is a relationship with the public either directly or indirectly. The public loves the native and the native also loves the people. The person receives money from the government, ie the person does maximum government job. The person has to change his business many times. The native also gets the opportunity to travel abroad several times. Native’s relations with mother are good and not only that, but siblings are also a devotee of native.

If the Moon of the tenth house is in the enemy Zodiac or is inauspicious, then the person suffers from diseases like cold and cough. The body of such a person is weak. The contaminated moon can give rise to many types of diseases here. If the moon is in the tenth house by becoming debilitating and is also in relation to the inauspicious planets, then man becomes a victim of fatal diseases like depression, regarding his business.

Moon in the eleventh house: –

Gives auspicious results to the native. This place is a place of wealth, so the presence of the moon in a place of wealth gives auspiciousness to the native, if the moon is not inauspicious with inauspicious planets, it will give auspicious results. If somehow the moon is with Saturn, Mars, etc. or is in its rashi or the sight of these planets, then in this situation, the auspicious fruit of the moon ends and according to the fruit of the inauspicious planets, it will be able to give inauspicious results.

Whichever person’s moon is in the eleventh house, that person is naturally fickle. Always thinks about something. The native makes a lot of plans and the relationship of each scheme is beneficial, so the person does not do any work without profit. Such a person prefers to live or go abroad or another state. The native wants to consume every material pleasure and uses them.

The person is a rich and honest person. A native is a longevity person. A native is a person who is good and enjoys child happiness. The native is happy with his child & servant. The child of the native may have more girl children than the boy.

In the eleventh house, the moon native is rich, beautiful with long life, servant-taker, heroic, radiant, intelligent. Such a person lives a luxurious life. He is a person who enjoys the pleasure of very expensive vehicles. He is very rich in terms of wealth. He consumes all the luxuries in his lifetime.

The person will get respect and esteem in society. Such a person keeps detailed information about the government even while doing a government job. In the political system also, the person is skilled in participating. If the person wants to test his luck in politics, the person gets success in it. The native also gets the opportunity to do government work. At the same time, the government gives him respect and status. The natives can establish their own identity through any voluntary organization.

This person can also be a special advisor, the main reason for this is that sitting in the eleventh place, the moon sees the fifth place and this place is the house of intelligence and triangle, this is the reason that he is able to give advice. The Moon in the eleventh house takes the native into the category of intellectuals.

If there is an inauspicious moon in the eleventh house, do not do any work related to Mercury, do not do the work of buying or selling houses on Saturday. If such a person offers donations of milk or a temple in milk then there is an increase in money and gains.

Moon in the twelfth house

The moon gives more auspicious and less inauspicious results. The twelfth house is the sign of expenditure and loss in this house due to expenditure and salvation. The person who has the moon in the twelfth house, from the birth of a person is weak. This person is sick, angry, and impoverished. If the moon is in its own sign here or in the zodiac sign of Guru or Mercury, the person becomes a conqueror of the senses, a donor has a beautiful life of happiness. And if the moon is inauspicious then the native is friendly with people with low tendencies.

The Moon is destroyed by the Moon being in the twelfth house (expense). Native becomes slow and hunger is reduced. There is a problem with the house. There is always a disorder in the eyes of the native. The native is associated with a hospital or religious institution.

Moon in the house of expenditure makes the person a reflective person and forces the person to sit in seclusion and think that it is not right for him. The person becomes a lonely loved person and the person thinks that he is on the way he wants and the person.

If, for some reason, the person fails to make a plan of choice, then immediately he also becomes sad. The native is sweet-spoken but when required, the person does not abstain from using harsh words.

Native can be very expensive if any auspicious planet is related or has no relation to any other planet and if the moon is in Cancer or Taurus, then the person spends money in auspicious works. But on the contrary, if the moon has any relationship with the inauspicious planets, then the native will spend in inauspicious works or wasteful works.

The person can be lazy and sometimes even spoils the work created due to laziness. The native is a beauty lover and a lover of lust and does anything for the lover. On getting the opportunity, the native does not refrain from making intimate relations and if there is a relationship with the inauspicious planets of an inauspicious house owner, then it becomes a boon on gold. The person also gets opportunities to travel abroad in life.

The twelfth house is of payment (expenditure) and the moon is the factor of mind, so the person remains unhappy about the expenses. The number of enemies of the native may be more. One has to overcome many troubles in his life.

In this house, the Moon not only does harm wealth, but it also damages the life of the native. If the Moon is related to Saturn in any way, then it is said that the native must have died in his early life at a young age and death must have been caused by eating poison. The main reason is that Saturn is the cause of poison and the moon is water. For this reason, this yoga indicates death by poison. But other things also should be checked before making a prediction.

The Moon of the Spending house motivates the natives to do creative work. Such a person wants to do some work that gets respect in society. Such a person is rich in art.

Due to the Moon being in the twelfth house, the native may have pain related to the eyes. If Mars is in some way a relationship, then the eye may get hurt and it can cause eye defects. If the same is being done with Saturn, then the person may have a disease like a black cataract or Ratondhi. If a relationship is made with Rahu, eye defects will occur due to infection. In addition, there may be pain related to phlegm.

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