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Saturn in Astrology(part-2)

The Saturn in Astrology(part-1)

Saturn in the 1st house

These people body turns with the disciplines, they are dedicated to their work only. These people work for a very long time.Such native has to face nervousness and worries in life particularly when they are alone. Obstacles and delays are frequent in their lives. Education is also affected.Saturn delays marriage and also gives a bad relationship with a sibling. If Saturn is in a good sign and degree, it can give a solid career with its 10th house aspect.

Saturn in the 2nd house

Saturn in the 2nd house does not consider very good as whatever person will do for his family the family didn’t give him much importance immediately or family misinterpreted the native. They give the importance very later in life. These people tell a lie very quickly and they didn’t like to spend much so their money is used by others.There would be a delay in receiving convinces, home and luxurious items.Saturn in the second house brings a very strict and organized family environment where the native might feel trapped or may become a very disciplined individual themselves.

Saturn in the 3rd house

This is the worst place for Saturn. The reason is the Mars is the significator of the 3rd house which is the Saturn’s enemy. Saturn restricts the person to do new things or darings. It will block your luck and block good past deed results for certain time period. Father might be absent in the life of the native, might travel for long duration and the native would have a very distant relationship with his or her teacher till midlife.

Upon Shani’s birth story in ancient text, the sun god so eagerly looked at him only to be disappointed by Shani’s black color. He even doubted whether Shani was born to him and speak ill to Chhaya, the mother of the Shani. Shani’s first looks at his father drove the sun god to an eclipse period and he deemed this as a bad luck. Being angry at his father’s indifference, Shani cursed his father that he would also turn black in color which came true. So, right from his birth, there was a severe misunderstanding between sun god and Shani.
When Shani was in the womb of his mother, Chhaya Devi was worshipping Lord Shiva ardently. Therefore, Shani also developed devotion to Lord Shiva. When Shani was born and his father doubted his birth, Lord Shiva appeared before the sun god and clarified the reason why Shani was black. Then both the father and son developed a good understanding of each other. Pleased by Shani’s devotion, Shiva made him the god of justice to distribute the rewards and punishments for people’s actions. People fear in front of the shank because they ate not performing their deeds properly and want the good results in life.

Saturn in the 4th house

It’s a good position for Saturn as people not involved too much in the pleasure they always prefer to do their deeds as well.Saturn in the 4th house gives lots of family problems and restriction till alter age. Saturn usually delays wealth until the age of 35.Saturn also aspects the 10th house again, which means the native would be a very hard worker, disciplined and organized in their approach to work-life while at the same time Saturn’s aspect on the 1st house provides discipline and structure upon the native’s personality. But career might be delayed until early 30’s.

Saturn in the 5th house

This is a neutral place for Saturn.These natives having are very much sincere and responsible towards almost everything around but their habit of becoming exceedingly and unworthily tensed about something would be the main reason behind lack of peace of mind for them.This position delays both kids and marriage until early 40’s, or it may delay them until next life. Creativity is blocked since Saturn is sitting instead of accepting the 5th house. Saturn is slow moving planets and due to such reasons, kids come late in life.

Saturn in the 6th house

This is a favorable position for Saturn since in the 6th house it grows better with time just like the 3rd, 7th, 10th and 11th house. Here, Saturn will destroy all enemies of native, gives a favor to the superior and timely promotions. Lawyers usually have Saturn in the 6th 7th and 9th house. This position also gives long life. Saturn in the sixth house makes one organized, discipline and structured life.


34 thoughts on “Saturn in Astrology(part-2)”

      1. If you are an astrologer then you know better how other things impact on one single house and planet then why did you ask me this question😀😀


      2. I would love to get a reading done,because I think there may be something to the influence of the stars, but unfortunately I can’t get any accuracy because my mum can’t remember what time of day I was born?!

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      3. Ohh!!without exact time place it’s hard to predict but some very knowledgeable people do it by accurate age by prashn kundali


    1. Only behalf of one planet noboby can predict . there are lots of things to analyse like degree of planet , which planets are seeing Saturn and with whom it is sitting and true dignity seen in d9 chart etc. But 9th house Saturn make a little delay to enhance luck. But friendly sign makes a plus point

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      1. I already told you I can’t predict it without full getting benefits from enemies study your 6th house.


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