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Venus in Astrology : The Intangible Pleasure of your Life!!(Part-1)

In Astrology, Venus has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus. Venus represents two main areas of our life: love and money. It represents wife for male. Venus also represents females in your life that you come across; pleasure from luxury.

All intangible pleasure like cash which always gives you fear about it, comes under Venus. Your luxary, black money and all pleasures which you can’t compare with material things comes under Venus. Wherever the Venus is placed in birth chart, the house only open when you start focusing on enjoyement related that house. Venus is significator of 4th house and 7th house. Wherever Venus is aspecting throwing his impact on that house. You will have some pleasure related to that house where venus is aspecting in birth chart.

Day: Friday

Direction: South-East
Colour: White
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 28 days
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 11 month
Nature: Loveable
Constellations ruled: Poorva Phalguni, Poorva Ashadh, Bharni
Friendly planets: Mercury, Saturn, Rahu
Enemy planets: Sun & Moon
Neutral planets: Mars & Jupiter
Own Sign : Taurus & Libra
Exalted in: Pisces
Debilitated in: Virgo
Special features: Fashion, pleasure
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 20 years
If well placed signifies: Beauty, Prosperity, wealth
If adversely placed signifies: Laziness, isolation, perverted habits
Representation: Wife
Diseases : Genital problems

Venus is exalted in 12th house because it is house of expenditure. By expending money you will get pleasure. It is deblitated in 6th house because diseases , debt and enemy take away all pleasure and 6th house is house of these things. Venus luck year is 25. Venus is significator of marriage as your pleasure power is now started slowing down so you need to join a partnership after 25 to get benefits from Venus. After marriage Venus is activated in birth chart. Mars and Venus combination is best in any birth chart. These people always looks young and energetic.

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