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Ketu In Astrology: The Puzzel Of Your Life!!

Ketu is only the body, without the head. He doesn’t have a head with brain and he is just the opposite of Rahu which has head only. Depending upon the house Ketu is in, it will make you either less needy of what that house represents, or will give you less desires to get the things related to that house. Ketu feels like he’s already experienced the things of the house he sits in in your past life. Ketu is the part which you shouldn’t really care about too much as it will manifest itself, without you even thinking about it.

Ketu is receptive energy. All questions what, where,when, how etc related to that house where ketu sits in, comes under Ketu. Like in 2nd house ketu person ask “when I will get this money? When I will become financially sound ? When my family life become good? Etc.” Ketu absorbs the energy,where it sits in birth chart and never give the results. Ketu is very bad in 2nd house (earnings from family), 5th house( wealth through last birth deeds) , 8th house ( wealth after someone’s death or inherited property) and 11th house(all incoming gains and your expectations) of birth chart. These houses are related to wealth and when ketu sits in these house person always struggling related to these house and always puzzle about these house when I will get ? How I will get but you will never get.

Whatever good and bad deeds you have done in past life,stored in 5th house of your birth chart. When ketu sits in 5th house and any person in your life is with you from so many years and still no familiarness is feel due to dry nature of ketu. You know that person since past birth and this birth he is with you still no closeness no attachment you feel with them. That person will never familiar with his child in his entire life. Real affection is not present in 5th house ketu. If ketu is in 8th house , nobody knows the reason of that person death.

Ketu gives very good results in 3rd,6th,9th and 12th house. As you only get 50% results from these houses. Like 9th house is luck house and whatever you have done in this life, only 50% outcome you receive in this life. Rest 50% is stored for next birth as this house is also considered for next birth. When anyone’s ketu dasha start people find the reason of their birth. If your asandent lord is sitting with ketu then wherever your asandent lord dasha or ketu dasha,you will be able to recognize your reason of birth on this earth. If ketu is attached with sun and any dasha come in person’s life either sun dasha or ketu dash,person will meet that person who’s soul is attached with his soul in his last birth.



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