How to be Happy?

We all want to be happy but never takes any steps to become happy. There is a huge difference between what we say and what we do. If you want a different life, then do the difference. It makes you happy definitely. For example, if someone sees any rich and successful man then what he can think usually like I wish I had this all money and his life, car and big home, etc.

Very few people think that I wish I want to become skilled like this man or I want my mindset like his mindset, I also want to do smart work like him, etc. This thing makes a big difference but unfortunately, most people don’t do that. This is why only a few get success. Here I am describing a few points that will help you to improve yourself and help you to get whatever you desire.

Grow Up
If you are blaming others for your current situation that means you are not living in the present. That means you have no chance to be happy. You have to understand that you can’t change the past. Even when you read a biography of many successful people, then you notice that they all haven’t a good past. Some have issues in their childhood, some have the problem of relationship, some have serious health issues or some successful people had all issues in the past. But still, they fight from them and grow out of all issues. That tells us you can’t change the situation but you can change the feelings and decide how you allow it to affect you.
For example, if you have an exam but you get failed in it then the first option is you say to yourself that I can’t do it, and the second option is that you tell yourself that, “Be aware of your mistake then try again by understand that mistake and prepare for it and do your best in the exam”. That brings you success in your exam hopefully. Think that what kind of thinking helps you to grow and achieve success then follow that kind of thinking only.

Nobody Owes You Anything
You must have to understand that nobody is bound to do anything for you. Nobody!! Neither your parents nor your life partner or government etc bound to give you anything. If your responsibility is on others then you are dependent. You are not growing. You have acquired a disability. Always know that the situation is not lasting. Does it tell of someone who took care of you may be no more accessible in the future for you?? Then? Or they can say, “No” to you too. You have to understand to take supervision of yourself. Take commitment to yourself. When you do so, you have great dignity in your life. This self -satisfaction came when you say to yourself that yes, I Did that. This feeling is amazing. So try to follow it once.

Suck it Up & Grow a Spine
Your life is a reflection of your choice. If you are not happy with your current job, then you have to find out the reason. You can analyze the situation and either you can change your job or change your attitude. If you are not happy in your relationship that means your partner is not happy with you too. You should analyze the problem and find out the solution. Ignoring the reality or keep staying in pain is not bravery; it’s insane only. Your happiness is your responsibility. The sooner you accept the fact, the sooner you will start making choices that reflect happiness.

Take the “Kick Me” Sign off your Back
If you think that everyone is taking advantage of you that means it’s your fault, not others. Remember that you are not a victim here, you are a volunteer. You give them a chance to take advantage. If you want to get out of these situations then you have to maintain your self-respect. You have to deal with your emotion and its reaction. No matter what others say, you should start looking at the situation as it is. If someone tries to take advantage of then do not allow them. Stay away from this kind of people. Gaining self-respect makes you happy easily.

Life is not fair-get over it
You probably met so many people who say life is not fair, people who don’t do any hard work get everything and I didn’t get something after lots of hard work, etc. This is true or not, is a different thing. If you think that life isn’t fair, then also you have to accept it, deal with it. You haven’t any other option. So you have to get over it. In every situation, you have 2 options, it is kept complaining and crying for past and present and the 2nd is the focus in present and do something productive. This makes your future better. Learn from past experience, do the best in the present. Keep tracking that you do not commit the same mistake is the present.

Do Something About It or Shut up
Many people complain that their growth is stopped, the relationship is bad, they didn’t have a job, their health is not good but to get rid of the problem, they never want to do something about that situation or problem. They are prone to make excuses. If you don’t want to change the relationship, don’t want to quit the job, don’t want to improve your life, or don’t want to grow yourself, then you don’t have any right to do only complain about these and get shut up about these situations of life. Admit it that you like it. If you don’t want to change your habits, then you don’t have the right to open your mouth for tons of complaints regarding life. That’s the fact. Either make changes or admit you don’t want to & shut up about it.

Get Your Head Straight About Health
If you want success, or use your best potential or you want happiness in life then it is necessary that you should make yourself healthy. If you are sick, stressed and tired then you are not able to focus to solve any problem of life and can’t give your best. That means you have to focus on your health with 100% honesty. Health must be your first priority. So focus on your diet, regular exercise, and never do anything which harms your health. Remember that it’s your life and your health so your focus is needed always.

Take Responsibility
If you stuck in some problem then try to get all the information find the root cause of that problem and take action to get rid of that problem for a lifetime. Do not find escapes or shortcuts. Do not go for temporary solutions. Take responsibility for your problem, find the starting point of the problem, why and where it occurs that will help you to find an effective solution. There are very few problems in life that need extreme efforts. Most of the time it will remove by easy small steps.

What are you Talking About?
Ask yourself that what am I talking about? If you are talking about your illness with others then what happened? They can’t help you! Don’t complain about your illness. Illness need treatment, consult with doctors and get rid of it. If you are continuously talking about sickness, tiredness, pain or unhealthy ness then your body is also accepting it completely and start behaving that way too. This way you inviting stress, and worries too. It’s very important that what are you talking to yourself?? In any situation whatever you say to yourself, your mind and body accept it completely. If you are sick, find treatment, if you are in problem then find a solution, share positive thoughts to yourself so that your body and mind become and behave positively.

Mosey Over to the Mirror
Many people have a problem that they always seeking rs mistakes but never find out their own mistakes. If you want to improve other mistakes, first improve yourself. See yourself in the mirror before judging others. See your mistakes first and try to improve yourself. This will make you more lovable and good human being.

Stop waiting for Someone Else
This is an important factor that you should never wait for anyone else or for the right time if you wish to improve yourself. You can sit and wait for the right person who can improve your life or for the situations that promise for right things are going to happen in your life and your life will completely change due to this. But this is your Blunder Mistake to wait for someone. Instead of this attitude if you take full responsibility for your life, trying to change your current situation then you don’t have to depend on anyone else to become happy. Let’s take an example if someone gives you gifts, that doesn’t mean that person is caring for you.
You can’t make a decision based upon receiving gifts only. On another hand, if you are not happy in your relationship, and you wish that your partner must start thinking as you think and do whatever you want; then you are going in the wrong direction. This is complete foolishness to think like that because you are giving your key to happiness in other’s hands. This is a sign of stupidity that trying to change others. Your whole life is not enough to make changes in people and become happy. So to become happy always, take responsibility for your own life and efforts for this must be done by you only.

If you want Different, then do Different
If you want different results than ordinary results then you should do differently, you have no other choice. If you want to make a chocolate cake, then you should mix chocolate, you can’t mix vanilla. Whatever is going on in your life, if you didn’t like it then change the direction. You must do something different, something better. If you want to be great in front of others, then first you should become great in front of yourself first. The rules and changes, you want to make in others; first, apply them upon you then expect from others. If you want to live happily then work on your mind. You must recognize yourself, that who you are? And take command of your life so that you can live your desired life. If you want a different outcome then make different choices.

If you Do not Know Something, then you didn’t get it
If anyone asks you where are you going in this weekend, then it’s possible that you know the answer. If someone asks you which outfit you are going to wear in the next ceremony then it’s possible that you have the answer. But if someone asks you what do you want in your life? And why? Then most of the people can’t answer exactly what and why something they want in their life.
To become successful and happy, it is necessary that you should define what and why factor in your life. If you don’t know about your dream life then it will never go to be true one day. That means you didn’t have any goal in life which you want to achieve. You only have a wish, that doesn’t matter to you. If it’s not fulfilled then it’s ok for you. That means you waste time completely if you don’t know your goal. If you want to become successful and happy then start asking yourself what you want. Try to know your desire and real reasons behind it. It will help you to make conscious choices which leads you on a way to success and make you a better version of yourself.

Train Your Belief Monkey
It’s very important to define the goal but its important too that you must know the barriers on the way to success. These barriers are coming because of your limited subconscious belief. To make your dream come true, you must make a friendship between the subconscious and logical brain and set a goal that I want it. Let’s take an example if you want a big luxurious house but in your thoughts, you think the people who have this kind of home; those people are greedy, bad, selfish and mean, etc. Then you won’t be getting that big house. You should change the direction of your thinking. To achieve your goal, you should train your subconscious mind.

Do it on Purpose
It’s very important to know what you want? This makes your way very smooth that will help you to achieve your goal. It will help you to take decisions wisely. You know better which step help you to get success and which causes failures. That make fewer distractions and improve concentration. When you are living on purpose, you don’t have time to waste in useless things

55 thoughts on “How to be Happy?”

  1. Hi Nidhi,

    Wise words indeed! 🙂

    I am curious though as to the source(s) of all this Wisdom. How did you manage to gain all this experience in so short a time? 😉


      1. Short is a relative term, i guess? 😉

        There are many people older than me (60) who live life and do not learn the things you teach here.

        I suspect though, that you multi-task and do a few other things than only watch and learn… maybe in your ‘spare’ time ?? 🙂

        When you are not blogging. 😉

        Thanks for the reply.


      2. It’s not like that. Whatever I am doing in my entire day, I always learn every day new things. I don’t believe in multitasking. It harms the concentration ability of anyone. I focus on concentration instead of multitasking. People don’t want to invest their energy in concentration on one thing at a time that’s why they never learn from their lives mistakes I guess, no matter of what age they are.i am a mother, wife, and writer. Lot more things to do in my 24 hours. But I live in the discipline with no dependencies for my housework to anyone. 🙋


  2. edebiyat ve sanat mutluluğumuzu arttırır, başkalarının duygu ve düşüncelerini dile getirerek bizi bencillikten kurtarır, sevginin, dostluğun zirvesine ulaştırır


  3. Just stumbled upon this post and just wanted to say THANK YOU
    Beautifully written – and I can firmly say that that you hit the nail on this one


  4. Thanks for visiting JanBeek and clicking on “like.” It gave me a chance to find you! Obviously, we are kindred spirits. This blog dovetails well with my A-Z series on “What Makes You Happy?” Your bullet points need to be on a refrigerator magnet🏆👏🏼


  5. I could really relate to what you wrote, very well done👏… The part I liked the most was the one about living in the past! Many of us are living in the past unable to move forward as we just can’t make peace with the fact that there’s nothing really we can do to change it no matter how much we ‘d want that. Living in the past is equivalent to dying I believe, as you cannot advance, you cannot enjoy the present or be excited about the future because you’re trapped in the past. Wise words you wrote 👍


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