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Whatever we buy, Everything it comes with a user manual, how to use it. The mind is the one thing we all have but we don’t have any manual for it. But nobody teaches you how to use your mind. We have to use our mind 24X7 in every second till our death. We all have a maximum 8 sleeping hours but rest of all 16 hours of the day, we all are practicing to switching one thing to another frequently. We all day practicing distractions. So allowing yourself to jump one thing to another each day for 16 hours, make yourself Perfect in destruction.

How Distractions Works?

Just checking text messages then go to email, then phone ringing so answers the phone but someone is speaking to me too, so there are 2 conversations are going on at one time. Unknowingly you are practicing distractions every day, and become perfect in distractions after 1 year. So you feel bad if you are not get distracted.

How to be perfect in Concentration?

The same thing is with concentration. If you are practicing concentration then you will become perfect in it. All you need is Practice of doing one thing at a time. Keeping your awareness in doing one thing at a time. You will become good what you practicing every day.

Find the opportunity to concentrate in rest 16hours. If you talk somebody then I keep my undivided attention on that conversation. So that conversation becomes really brief because you are giving your 100% attention on it. So 10minute conversation takes 3 minutes because of focus.

Concentration is the ability to keep that awareness of one thing for a prolonged period of time

So if I prolonged my conversation on focus and not think about the wedding, or just think about the vacations or what I am going to do later, then I concentrate. The more you practice this the more your concentration will increase. Practicing concentration is the only way to improve it.

Is Your Powerful Brain Working Against You or For You?

Best way to master in Concentration!

The best way to develop concentration is to integrate with everything you do with your life. Meditation in just for 10mintues every day doesn’t work for you if you really want to practice concentration. Because the remaining hours you practice distraction then 10 minutes morning meditation doesn’t gonna help you. If you master in concentration then you feel you have developed a fantastic power of observing things. And the power of this observing thing gives you a gift of finding a quick solution to any problem in from of you. You will become better to solve things quickly in the best way.

It will give you an additional benefit to building a strong relationship with people too. As everyone like to those who listen to them without being distracted with full concentration. Everyone like that other person is giving them the importance and focus on them while they are trying to say anything. This quality becomes rare these days. Nobody is willing to listen to someone with focus or concentration. They just listen consciously to everyone so that they can give any reply when their turn comes to them. Because another thousand of thoughts running in their mind while they are in conversation with someone.

So to practice concentration, make sure whenever you are talking with your loved one, give them your undivided attention. Focus on what they are saying. Be genuinely interested in people and you will notice the difference in your concentration and the relationships with the person will also improve.

Develop your will

Will is like a muscle in your mind. The more you use it the more it becomes bigger. Will needs to be developed to get rid of distractions. If you don’t cultivate the will, it doesn’t grow. The simplest way to develop the will is a Finish that you begin. Finish it well beyond your expectation, no matter how long takes take. You do a little bit more you can do.

It’s easy to start a project but It’s really important that finish a project. If you read any motivational book or something like that, then you feel the instant energy and start something. But while starting, you have lots of energy but what if you don’t finish it? Many people do that. So you require a tremendous amount of will to finish a project or work you started. Every time you complete something, you develop a little bit more will within yourself. This will is an amazing thing to develops because once you develop will, the same will you can use every aspect of your life. You can use it to do one thing at a time, to finish projects, see things through their ends or whatever you like. The best way to develop will is to bring this in your everyday life.

For example, if you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning the first thing you should do to make your bed. This gives a signal to your mind as finish what you start.


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