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According to your ascendant, who you are? and what’s your positive and negative traits? Which planets are favorable for you and which are unfavorable according to your ascendant can be predicted by using your rising sign. If the 12 number is written in the 1st house of your birth chart then it is Pisces rising sign. Rising signs means the map of your life. The rising sign is your first house then 12 house like 12 zodiac signs, each house is controlled by a certain planet. Here is very basic information I am giving. Depending on how good or bad planet placed in your birth chart, your life is going to be. But the basic foundation is always the same. The rising sign is more important than your sun sign or moon sign.

Stars behind Pisces zodiac

The energy of stars behind this zodiac sign is Poorva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati. This is a dual nature and watery zodiac sign. It rules north direction and become more strong at daytime.

Basic Characteristics(1st to 5th house)

Pisces are naturally peaceful, isolated, daydreamer in their imaginative place. They usually grow in a very active family. Their home environment is very energetic with lots of activity but very disciplined too. But if mars placement is not good the family environment is very disturbing. If sun placement is bad too then it becomes worst. Their father could be a policeman, engineer, government employee, or a surgeon.

They have very strong speech too. Their communication with siblings and their courage is very ascetic. These people love to talk about hidden things like aliens. 4th house rules by Gemini so lots of communication in the family. Their mother is very much involved with them. She raises them with creativity. If they can able to attach to their educational subjects with emotions then only they able to learn it peacefully. They are very much attached to their loved one. Perhaps these people are very moody in their relationship if they do not get enough emotional attention. These people are very creative. These people can be very good writers, novelist, and spiritual writers as well.

Basic Characteristics(6th to 12th house)

When it comes to their diseases, enemies or debt then these are very much linked with father. These people hated being controlled by other people like their bosses as Sun rules their 6th house. They wanna be left alone and do their own work because the sun never wants to be controlled by someone else. They wanna be their own boss as well as they don’t wanna be anyone else’s boss too. Usually, in the workplace, you face a very authoritative person as your boss, he is the very dominating and egoistic person. If the sun is not well placed in the birth chart then native feel like his father is his enemy.

They usually find a very realistic approach partner. Their joint assets are quite balanced because it rules by Libra. These people can become a philosopher or historian as Scorpio rules 9th house which had a tendency to digging deep when it comes to religion. These people can become a very good financial adviser. Their 11th house is ruled by Saturn which limits the lots of friends. They have very selective friends. Their gains start coming late in life like the mid-30s. Saturn gives them a lot of wealth but with time. These people lots of ability to do kundalini meditation successfully as Saturn rules their 12th house but they face difficulties in foreign lands.


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