Motivation is not useful until you don’t have discipline because self-discipline is the king. Motivation is like a feeling as sometimes you are happy and sometimes sad. It comes and goes. It is not reliable. If you ask me about what’s the one ability which leads to your success then my answer is Self-discipline.

Without self-discipline, your motivation or your creativity or your energy can’t work well for you. Self-discipline sounds boring and the hardest thing to do nowadays But if you master self-discipline then you can master your life, your emotion, and many more things. It promises lifelong happiness. One biggest benefit of self-discipline is you can achieve anything in life. And the interesting thing is that we know this very well.

But we think like this is a very bad thing to do as in school we forced to be in discipline. So the image of self-disciplines created bad and boring. The discipline becomes very bad on our minds because in school our teachers always shout be in discipline. So we thought that self-discipline is very boring and a very hard thing to do. But in reality, it’s just the opposite, if you have it then it can make you free from all your limits all over the world. So what’s the simplest definition of discipline? Being able to do what you tell yourself you are going to do, called discipline.

How to Start?

Start small. Yes, don’t target a big goal. Many people read any motivational article or influence by someone all of sudden and decide to change their life. They want to change their life in a few minutes. Suddenly they got charged up by energy and start making plans like I will study 8 hours continuously daily. But in reality, when they start doing so they got tired soon and get bored. The reason for their failure is they set an extremely big goal for them. If you are not doing study 1 hour in a day and suddenly you decide to 8-hour study then failure happens and then motivation comes.

So if you don’t have enough discipline to stop playing clash of clans then obviously you don’t have enough discipline to do your own business. So you should take small steps like first, you stop playing clash of clans at least. Then you start working on your business idea, then you do networking and start raising funds. Then you start your business.

What’s your goal?
You may have too many goals. But take 3 goals maximum at a time, not more than that. If you do so then how will you manage your focus? So set the priority first. Which goal you wanna accomplish first? Ask yourself that If this goal happened, then is your life would change for the better? It’s a must that your goal should be strong enough to get your time daily without making any excuses. It must be like your guiding light.

Easiest Way To Develop Self-Discipline

Wake up early in the Morning

If you want to be in self-discipline then the first step you can take is starting waking up early in the morning. If you are already doing it, then it’s good. But if you are not waking up early in the morning then start it now, don’t wait for new year resolution. You should start waking up at 5 am to 7 am. If your waking up time comes in this duration already then try to wake up half an hour early from your current time to do morning ritual. If you fail many times to be in self-discipline then start doing this, it will definitely work. Morning ritual makes you discipline automatically.

Read about morning ritual on…Morning Ritual

Hard Lines

This is the one thing done by every successful person in their life. If you do it then it will change your life and your perception of yourself. Now the question is, What’s the hard-line?

A hard-line is a rule, you make for yourself that you will not break. This is not made by your parents or society. This is your rule for yourself. So if you want success then you must follow it. You can make your own hard line. For example, if I write to do something on my to-do list then I will do it the same day, no matter what.

Suppose I write I have to do a 15-minute exercise then I will do it, if I am unable to do it in the morning due to an issue then any time in 24hour, I will do it. Sometimes it may be before sleep. But if I wrote it in my to-do list for that day then I will definitely do it. Because it is my hard line.

It’s very important that you should start small in the beginning. A hard-line is a thing, you should never break it. So don’t make it as hard so you can’t do it. If you start making big goals in beginning then you will fail to do that task and break your hard line. For example, So if you never did an exercise in your life before, then Your hard line should be like you will do exercise 3 times a week for 10 minutes.

Whatever day you decide to do exercise, do it the same day. Don’t try to break your hard line. When you become comfortable with your hard line then you can increase it. Like change, you 10min into 15 minutes for exercise. Then increase days and time when you start getting used to for it.

Don’t get comfortable with your hard lines. Always push yourself gradually. Whenever any hardline becomes easy to yourself, make it a little harder to do. This is the way you can grow yourself.

Don’t overstress if you break any hard-line once in a while. Sometimes it’s next to impossible to complete the headlines. The point is that follow the hard lines, as much as you can follow. If you can’t follow your hard line for 10days out of 10 but still you follow 9 out of 10 days then you are in the right direction.

It is Your Responsibility

I know many people blamed others for the reason why they are not disciplined. They say like my mom didn’t help me to wake up early. Or I don’t have friends who can go to the gym with me to do exercise. You want to be in self-discipline, so it’s completely your responsibility to do so. Don’t blame anyone else that they are not supporting you. Don’t complain, get more disciplined as you can control yourself only, not others.


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