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7th House In Birth Chart:Know Your Public/Married Life

7th house is the house of marriage, partnerships, public relations or the unknown people you face in your life. From this house, you will get criticism from people. Great sage Parashara gives it a Libra sign in the default setting which is the balancing sign.

There is a quick technique to analyze your 7th house as if you are an arise or Scorpio ascendant then your opposite partner is Libra or Taurus ascendant. If you are Venus ascendants like Libra or Taurus then opposite partner Aries and Scorpio. This is the 100% attraction happen in this combination as mars are fiery planet and Venus is like butter which always increases the mars energy. This is the best group where both have an equal attraction to each other.

The second group is mercury and Jupiter as if you are Gemini or Virgo ascendant then your partner is Sagittarius or pieces ascendant. There is 50% attraction in this group where one need other but other doesn’t need.

As mercury always need Jupiter but Jupiter never need mercury because of mercury us knowledge but Jupiter is intellectual. After knowledge, you go for the intellectual level but after intellectual you never go for knowledge. So mercury ascendant Gemini and Virgo find a very intelligent partner but Sagittarius and pieces ascendant find partner below than their mental level or less intelligent than them. So there is some kind of distraction present in their marriage.

The third group needs actual take care of their marriage where the opposite partner of sun and moon ruled ascendant is Saturn ascendant. As cancer and Leo signs ruled by moon and sun and their opposite partner has Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. Saturn is enemy to sun and moon both. There is only 25% attraction is present in their marriage rest they need to build by their hard work. Cancer ascendant will adjust easily with their partner. Leo people have to start compromising to make their marriage better with their partner.

If your 7th house is occupied by sun sign Leo or sun itself then your life partner and a business partner have nature of show off and they are dominating in nature. If moon sign or moon is occupied 7th house then your partner is very moody by nature. So you need to pamper our partner mood to make marriage smooth running.

If mars are ruling your 7th house then your partner have aggressive in nature. If mercury ruling your 7th house or present in 7th house then your partner is very intelligent. Your partner is only convinced with some logic.

If Jupiter is ruling your 7th house or present in 7th house then you have a tendency to give priority to the public in comparison to your partner. Because of Jupiter enhance things where it sits that is so many people they meet in their public life that is why their personal life suffers. It may be an adverse effect too as a very good marriage life but poor public life. When Venus rules 7th house or present in 7th house then it gives extra pleasure always to the native. If Saturn ruled 7th house or present in this house then marriage will happen either with the delay or early.

If Rahu is in 7thhouse then it gives obsession to the things related to 7th house and trying to break the law like tendency to marry with different religion person. It is very bad for this house. If Ketu is in 7th house then you should check all details properly before getting married as a partner has a tendency to hide something in marriage.

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