Navmansha D9

Improve your Marriage

D-9 chart holds significant importance when judging a person’s married life/ 2nd part of his life & the ultimate strength & the dignity of planets. The Navmansa is a window to the Divine within us, it is the measure of our fortune, our destiny. Navmansha tells the soul or strength of all planets in your main birth chart. We have a planet in a zodiac sign in a house, then we a planet in a certain nachhtra. There are three nachhtra in a zodiac sign and each nachhtra divided into four parts known as padas of nakshatras. Depending upon which pada a planet is placed in based on that the planet is settled into a certain zodiac sign and a certain house in your Navmansha chart. We funneling it down that what a planet really means. And that’s how it is worked. The D9 chart takes charge in the middle of your life like at the age of 30-35 years and that’s why your personality is changed. For example, if you have a debilitated Sun in your main birth chart, you have very low self-esteem in the first part of your life and after 30 your self-esteem is rose in front of the world because of the Sun is exalted in the D9 chart. This is the way D9 operates.

Now let’s talk about how’s your marriage work or improve using the Navmansha chart. D9 chart basically is details about the 9th house of your birth chart. In Vedic astrology 9th house is the house of your luck, the direction of your luck. It’s a Dharma house, the most important house in astrology. When you get married, what are the steps I need to take my marriage alive, to keep the passion in the marriage alive, etc? You can see the behavior of your spouse through your Navmansha chart. For making your marriage happy you need to look the direction of the d9 chart, that’s ascendant of your d9 chart. Do you have to see where the first lord is placed? Which house the ascendant lord of your Navmansha is placed that tells the direction. for example, if you are born as a Leo ascendant in the D9 chart. your first house lord Sun is placed in the 5th house in Sagittarius then it shows after marriage your all focus goes towards children, the fun in life, learning in life. If your D9 chart dignity is weak you may not realize the direction exactly that’s why you may be unhappy. For example, if you are born as a cancer ascendant in Navmansha, and moon which is the cancer ruler, is in 5th house in Scorpio then it is debilitated and maybe other malefic planets affecting moon too then you not finding any reason to go towards those things which are related to 5th house which are children, fun, learning, etc.
Another example: if you are born as a Libra ascendant in the d9 chart and the ruler of Libra, Venus is in the 3rd house. This shows that marriage needs more communication because the 3rd house is the house of communication. And more short-distance travel needed as many people travel with spouse marriage goons work well because 3 rd house is also the house of short journeys and in 3rd house, Venus is in Sagittarius which is also the sign of journeys. If your ascendant lots are in the 10th house, you should better take care of your career and your marriage will work out. And also make sure your spouse’s career also going well. It also indicates maybe you should start to work together or you should take suggestions from each other regarding your career. This doesn’t mean you need to only focus on career and marriage will work, you should involve your partner in making and consider his/her desire too. Like you get your dream job in another country where your partner didn’t want to move then it becomes an obstacle to the happiness of marriage.
If you d9 lord placed in 12th house, then you should travel across the sea once in a year or two years. you and your spouse should join some spiritual organization together, meditate together or do some yoga together, this is the anchor point to the marriage. Once you go towards anchor point marriage is gonna work out.if you are born as a Gemini ascendant in Navmansha and If ascendant lord Mercury is placed in the ascendant 1st house itself then you need to work on yourself. D9 lord is in the 1st house means you need to work on yourself and your marriage will work out. You have to be confident, take charge of the family, keep up with your health, presenting yourself well in the outer world means you have to improve yourself for the betterment of marriage. Same you can do this calculation with other houses! But also look at the 7th lord also where it is placed? your spouse is gonna involve those things always . for example if your 7th lord is placed in the 2nd house or 4th house your spouse’s focus is to spend time at home with family members. You should also consider where Venus is placed in d9. Venus is the ultimate ruler of everyone’s D9.

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