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How to Deal With Haters?

People do not like you

Many people do not like you. Reasons may be personal or because of their jealous nature. Whatever their reasons are, it’s very important that you should know how to deal with this kind of people because if you get even small success in your life, you will see them everywhere around you. So how you know that he/she is a hater? Many people think that a hater is one who criticizes you or telling you something about yourself which you don’t like!! But it’s a completely wrong concept. Many times someone criticizes you for a good reason too. It might be good for you at that time because you can receive the feedback from that person and improve the things.


For example, suppose you opened a restaurant and your friends come for dinner and tell you that” I want to support you but I didn’t like the food”. Now in this situation, your friend is not your hater. Here you should pay attention to his purpose of saying that and take their comments as a feedback and work on improving that food taste. But if your friend or anyone else come to you ask you to close your restaurant it will not work in the future even that person didn’t order or taste any food from there and didn’t give any feedback about it. Then you can consider that person as a hater. A hater is someone, who criticize you without any reason.

Psychology of any hater

To understand the psychology of any hater, you should know the reason for his hate. The simplest reason for his hate can be his insecurity. They feel bad for themselves. Haters never hate you because of you, actually they hate you because of themselves. It has nothing to do with you. May you are doing something which they want to do but they gave up their dreams and you are doing that. Just because they gave up their dreams, they want that you should give up your dreams too, this makes them comfortable. The biggest fact about haters is they don’t like themselves. You can understand this concept like if you are happy with your like and following your dreams, then why you will start jealous with someone.

If someone starts doing any business then you will not get jealous because you are happy with your life. Even you will be happy for others too if they do something good. But if you are stuck in a job which you never like to do, or you don’t like your spouse or you don’t like your life, then you will start hating to everyone who is doing better than you. People who are unhappy with their lives, never try to work on relationships or make their life better. Instead, they try to pull down others to make feel comfortable and good.

What you should not do?

So now you know that who is a hater then also it’s a responsibility that you should not be like a hater. When you know the psychology if a hater then you will find that some of these qualities might be present in you as well. This proves that we all become hater sometimes and that’s why we attract the people we are. This is a bitter truth if this world that whatever kind of people we are, we attract the same kind of people around us too.

It’s possible that you say in your mind to yourself that you are not a hater. Then analyze yourself that is you hating someone because that person is from another political party which you don’t like?? or you are hating someone because he played against your favorite sports team? Or you hate someone because that person looks very attractive? We all do these things. I am not saying that criticism is a bad thing. I am just saying that don’t waste your time and energy on hating or criticism.

How to deal?

To deal with your hater, just Ignore your hater and focus on your goal. Also, don’t listen to them every time. Just do your work, work, and work. When they see that you are not affected their nonsense talk and doing your own things then they will start doubt themselves. They think that I am hating that person so much but he becomes successful in his life and I am at the same position that means I am lacking from something. Even if your hater never thinks like that then still you should not listen to them at all. He is hating himself too that’s why he hates you. It’s nothing to do with you. So don’t waste your energy on them. If your hater is someone, who you can’t avoid then show some kindness to them. The angrier they are, the more they can’t expect kindness.

2 thoughts on “How to Deal With Haters?”

  1. Currently dealing with a hater at my work. As a matter of fact we just had a meeting in HR today. I don’t think she was satisfied with the outcome. I’m hoping that’s the end to her complaints about me. You post helps me see the situation more clearly. Thanks!


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