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Mercury is nothing just your intelligence. This is another form of Rahu; like Rahu is the negative side of the mind and Mercury is the positive application of mind. In our mind where the memory is stored, there is a fluid called grey matter, this represents mercury in astrology. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. The anterior grey column contains motor neurons. By the time when a baby in mother’s womb, developing embryo has formed a neural groove, which is the foundation for the brain structure. By the time baby is born, her brain will have over 100 billion neurons. This is the first thing made by God in the human body. Because after the completion of mind, mind gives the order to the the the now head now make hands etc.

Our great Sages says mercury is neither good nor the bad as it is neutral. The reason because of saying this mercury which is your mind adopt the things from where and with whom it sits in your birth chart. Like your mind acts like people with whom you spend most of your time. If they are good your mind will try to do good and if they are bad then your mind adopt the bad things and start doing bad too. The critical situation arises when mercury sits alone in the birth chart. There is no influence of any benefit or maleic planet then it might be good but most of the time it is bad like when you are alone your tendency to think negative things more rather than positive. The only people able to think positive who do meditation when they are alone but for common people, most of them think negative thoughts when they are alone with no outside effects. Because only the sages at that time can able to do meditation when they are alone.

Day: Wednesday
Direction: North
Colour: Green
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 25 days
Nature: Behave like planet with whom it sits in
Constellations ruled: Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati
Friendly planets: Sun, Venus, Rahu
Enemy planets: Moon
Neutral planets: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter
Own Sign: Gemini, Virgo
Exalted in: Virgo
Debilitated in: Pisces
Special features: Intelligent
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 17 years
If well placed signifies: Business mind, Clever, Mathematician, Good position in society
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance and irritative stupid questioning
Body parts ruled: Skin, teeth & Nervous system
Diseases gave by Mercury: memory problem, Obsession, skin, problems.

Those who know calculations, only able to predict. The sun is the main planet which is your soul in astrology, after that the mercury which is your mind/intelligence in astrology. This is the reason that you will find mercury with sun or either next one house or back one house in the birth chart. As our Hinduism believe that the things you use more than necessary or misuse, you will lack in next birth. The people who don’t have intelligence means they use so much mind in their previous birth that’s why they are lacking in this birth. So after body, the mind is the most important thing for human. The moon which is your mood in astrology is the mother of mercury. Out of your (moon)mood, what you are able to achieve is mercury the intelligence.

Mercury is the significator of 4th house and 10th house. These two houses need the application of mind only, to open those and get the benefits. The 4th house represents study, 10th house represents your work. Mercury exalted in 6th house of kalapurusha kundali. 6th house is the house of disease, debt, and enemy. Without application of mind, it is impossible to get rid of these three that’s why mercury exalted here as maximum power of mercury is using a native. Mercury is debilitated in 12th house which is a house of expenditure as people never use their mind while shopping. Only mercury is the only planet which simultaneously retrogrades and combust at the same time. The people having mercury retrograde and combust both at their birth chart, they are the genius person.mercury is combust in many birth chart but hardly you find mercury is in motion in the birth chart.

To know how intelligent your life partner is looking at your birth chart, From your Sun if the mercury is ahead or behead? If it is ahead then your partner is more intelligent and if it is beheaded then you are intelligent than your life partner. That means you go ahead(sun) and your mind(mercury) will support you always. Means always thinking first then take any action which is a very good sign. If mercury is ahead and the sun is beheaded then you act then you think what I did? Am I did something wrong? This person first takes action or speak something and then think. If mercury is combust you spoil your life due to your wrong decisions. When mercury is combust people take designs then think it may be wrong and decisions go in reverse. When mercury is in motion, you need to apply your mind only when it is necessary. When mercury is retrograde, you apply your mind everywhere even people don’t ask you and you still give the reply like why you shouldn’t do this? you should do this etc. Without asking suggestions people tend to give their opinion about everything. Whenever they do not require giving their opinion still they give when their mercury is retrograde and people don’t like that and start criticising them. Even some people try to give me suggestions on my astrology posts that I should learn astronomy instead of astrology without even asking them for their opinion😃 I think they also have mercury retrograde in their birth chart. Mercury is the base root of astrology. When Mercury and Jupiter are in a triangle with each other people become a good astrologer. Because you need a calculation with intellectual mean.

Mercury in the 1st house

Natives are a truly intelligent person and are deep learners throughout their life. These people are quite restless in their approach though they carry a good stamina. These people look for a very talkative partner. These people look very young in old age too.

Mercury in the 2nd house

These people logic developed through family history or family lineage. These people are very communicative in the art of the public speaking. These people use their logical intelligence in the financial world. They become very materialistic and through their communication, they gain money.

Mercury in the 3rd house

Mercury in 3rd house’s Native will possess a witty and clever composure of mind which remains active and possess versatile attributes as in kalapurusha kundali mercury’s original house is the 3rd house which is Gemini sign. Mercury in 3rd house person is quite practical with their approach towards life instead of emotional which makes them stable at mind but they are not one of the aggressive hasty personalities though they would be quiet serious towards life. This will bring benefits from the siblings but the native won’t be beneficial for them. These people also get name and fame as a good writer. the evening mercury in the third house of the horoscope, you can get similar results but will depend on the position and conjunction with other planets and may change some results accordingly.

Mercury in the 4th house

These native remain firm on the value system despite obstacles and hurdles. T his placement is a very good one; the only things one should be careful with such a placement is about becoming overly fanatic of the belief. These people very much influenced by their mother. Most people do real estate business with this position. These are the people who have a very strong memory.

Mercury in the 5th house

5th house is a very good position for mercury. This is the house of creativity, mercury loves creativity. Even knowledge of any future-telling sciences, including astrology and palmistry, are the domains of Mercury. No one can become an impressive speaker, whether in private conversation or public speaking, without the favorability of Mercury.

Mercury in the 6th house

Mercury placed in the sixth house of a horoscope is benefit in nature and it is supported by some other benefic planets, the native may use the abilities given by such benefic Mercury to solve the problems of other people and he may benefit in the process. Usually, these people live to counsel for others. Through their communication, they able to solve disputes.

Mercury in the 7th house

There is a very much possibility for All kind of merchants, having mercury in the 7the the house either they selling paintings or selling mangoes. These people become expert in making contracts with people like lawyer or marriage counselors.

Mercury in the 8th house

Sudden gain and sudden loss both can see from 8th house mercury. Mercury 8th house people takes more than usual time to use their logical thinking ability. But whenever they started to apply their logical mind they have the deepest knowledge of anything wherever they put their effort. The things which are not known by other common people the mercury 8th house people know those things like ghost world, very good fantasy writers.

Mercury in the 9th house

Mercury 9th house people use them all the teachings of father and teachers in their business or in workplace These people learn something from anyone at higher than them then use their wisdom to make money. If mercury placed well in a fa friendly sign and with a ga good degree and planet then these people mostly very wealthy.

Mercury does not have any moons or rings.
Your weight on Mercury would be 38% of your weight on Earth.
A day on the surface of Mercury lasts 176 Earth days.
A year on Mercury takes 88 Earth days.
Mercury has a diameter of 4,879 km, makes it the smallest planet.
It’s not known who discovered Mercury.

Mercury in the 10th house

10th house mercury is the very powerful position for mercury. If mercury is in airy or fiery sign person can be an actor, writer, public speaker, salesman, working for the government as administrator or any dynamic communication field. In a water sign, mercury in the 10th house represents a doctor or researcher. In earth sign, mercury represents mathematicians or financial analyst.

Mercury in the 11th house

Mercury 11th house people become like a sea social butterfly. These people love to be around wise and intelligent people. These people able to organize large things like a way wedding planner, financial planning or seminar organizers This 11th house position is also one of the best position for mercury. These people able and achieve lots of educational things and also Very good communicator with children.

Mercury in the 12th house

These people do not communicate too much especially in early age. They are very secretive and shy in nature. These people use their logical mind through their imagination and using imagination power they can solve logical problems. The presence of Mercury in 12th house would cause many mental fluctuations to the person and that could be till the extent of losing sleep and lack of peace in mind. These people have the power to connect with other dimension people.

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