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Late Marriage Yogas in Birthchart

The Grihastha Ashram is considered the most important of the four ashrams of human life in Indian culture, as all 4 are said to be the foundation of all human lives. People generally believe that couples’ relationships are fixed in heaven, but they are executed on earth.

Many people are not able to get married at the right age even after setting up a career, due to some defects present in such a horoscope. Some of the are mentioned, which cause a delay in marriage. Due to these yogas, unforeseen obstacles arrive in the marriage of a worthy boy or girl, even after many efforts, the marriage does not happen soon.

Astrology also calculates the age of marriage of a person. Marriage – Even if there is a few-letter word in writing and reading, it brings with it a lot of responsibility. Parents have special concerns about the marriage of their children. Know how planets affect marriage

Due to the Mahadasha of Venus

Marriage can be delayed due to naturally weak Venus in the horoscope. Venus is the main factor of marriage and a good life partner in the horoscope. By calming a malefic Venus, you can improve the status of marriage. The role of Venus is also important for happiness after marriage. Venus controls material happiness in life and it is through its effect that happiness in marital life is determined. Brihaspati plays an important role in the time of marriage. The power of Jupiter is very important for marrying at the right time and receiving good results from marriage.

In general, these 2 planets dominate your life more than the other planets that create the yoga of marriage, Obstacle will get interrupted.

First of all, we have to see what are the yogas that inhibit marriage and make obstacles. The seventh house in Kundali is one of the central houses. If the lagna bhava signifies existence and life, then the seventh bhava signifies the end of life as opposed to the lagna so it is also called the maraka house. Out of the four major functions of life, namely, dharma, artha, kama, and moksha, kama is considered with the seventh house.

Such yoga is a hindrance in marriage

1- According to astrology, the position of Jupiter and Venus, the factors of marriage with the seventh house and the seventh lord, is observed in the subject of marriage.

If the seventh house and the seventh house lord are afflicted by inauspicious planets, that means they can be affected if there is a delay in the marriage. Ascendant lord and Lagna also have special significance in them.

If both Mercury and Venus are in the seventh house of the horoscope, then there are talks of marriage in the house all the time, but the marriage takes place after a long time.

2- If there is a delay in the marriage, then it is likely that in the house in which the guru is situated, there will be moon and Venus in the fourth house from that house where Jupiter is placed.

If there is Mars in the fourth house or 1st house and Saturn is in the seventh house, then the person is not interested in marriage.

3- From lagna or the moon sign, Saturn is present in the third, fifth, seventh, and tenth houses, then there is a delay in marriage.

Marriage takes place late if Jupiter is the seventh place from the Moon. If Jupiter is in the seventh house from the Cancer sign, then there are obstacles in the marriage. If there is no auspicious planet in the 7th house and 7th house occupied by any malefic house lord(6,8,12) then marriage is delayed.

4- The presence of inauspicious planets in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house of the Prashn Kundali also hinders marriage. If the 7th lord of the seventh house is afflicted by Saturn in a woman’s horoscope, then the marriage is late.

If Sun, Mars, or Mercury look at the Ascendant or Ascendant lord and the Guru is sitting in the twelfth house, then marriage is delayed due to excess of spirituality in the person.

5- If the planet is inauspicious in the seventh house and if Saturn or Mars are sitting in their own house then it is a sign that they will have to wait for their spouse. Rahu in the seventh house and Mars in the eighth house are the factors of delay in marriage.

If Saturn and Guru are in the seventh house then the marriage will be late. In the first house, in the seventh house, and the twelfth house, if the guru or any other auspicious yoga karaka planet is not present, and if the moon is weak then there are obstacles in the marriage.

6- if someone got Married in the dasha of Rahu and if Rahu is afflicting the seventh house, then the marriage can be broken.

Several methods have been suggested to overcome the delay in marriage. For this, under the guidance of any good astrologers, the remedy should be taken to get rid of marriage-related obstacles.

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  1. Hi! I was interested in your astrology reading as it pertains to mth husband & I. I’ve recently gotten more involved & found some unusual things in our charts. I was also told something very frightening by a psychic (and no she didn’t mean it that way) however, lots of things are pointing to that event & is really like clarity. Just wondering what reading you’d suggest & the cost! Thank you!


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