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Know Your Pending Karma through Vedic Astrology Part -2(Leo to Scorpio)

Leo: You come as a Leo person because you did not pay any attention to your creative self-expression.You were a part of a large organization where you always look for social welfare, social reform in past life.You were all about how I help society? So In this life, your mindset is always about life is all about creative self-expression, dealing with children, doing creative things, playing sports and having fun. As a Leo person, you are here to get the attention of all.

Virgo: In past life, you did not care for anything. You just all about to escape from things. You were all about being disorganized. You look for career and relationships in life so that you could be able to escape from life. You ran away from that place where any problem comes in your past life in dealing with people. You never paid any attention to any detail in your past life. You just want to heal the people being Virgo ascendant in this birth. You want to pay attention the details of things in this life.Your health suffers in past life and yo think like God will take care of it and didn’t pay any attention. So you are very health conscious in this birth.

Libra: The deficiency in you is you didn’t take care of your family,y our relationship with other people in past life. Your focus is always on You only.After the death in front of Lord Yama, you said I did not pay any attention to my marriage life and relationship with others. So as a Libra ascendant you are more about your spouse, relationships with others. That becomes your ability to fulfill that deficiency.

Scorpio: You always think about financial security, nourishment, family in your past life. In past life, you were having a mindset to achieve financial success, family nourishment, security in life, how to gain from things and thinking money strategies.So in this, life, You always go through major ups and downs in life. Sometimes You having a very good luck and other time having very bad luck. You were paying so much karmic debt in this life. Most of the Scorpio people interested very much in research on mysticism, astrology, occult science etc.

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