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Know Your Pending Karma through Vedic Astrology Part -3( Sagittarius to pieces)

Sagittarius: In a past life, you never pay attention towards focusing on being a scholar, teacher, counselor, adviser in past life, you focused on having fun, to be youthful.You were curious a lot in past life never follow the knowledge given by Shastra, family. Then as a Sagittarius ascendant, you are focusing on religion, higher knowledge, spiritual side of life.

Capricorn: You are here to accomplish a specific goal in your life. You need an authoritative figure for yourself. You don’t care for being moderate since you favor carrying on with your life as an individual – in an unpredictable way without any tenets or limits.However, you need to make a revelation that will permit you to offer back to the general public you live in. Your karma is to not work your life as a “revolt without a cause.” Work toward a down to earth reason. In a past life, you were an emotional person who dedicated to his family and didn’t pay any attention towards his reputation, goal, status.

Aquarius: You are very much a happy person who could live by their own rules and not ever really having to worry about what might happen next.You are here to focus on research, making network circles and get benefits from that circle.You are here to fulfill all hopes and ambitions of life.In past life, you always pay attention towards romance, kids, fun and gaining fun in sports.

Pieces: You was always calculative in past life.Always conscious about health.So now being pieces ascendent in this life you are careless about people and things like the things goes on and the God will take care of all things.

7 thoughts on “Know Your Pending Karma through Vedic Astrology Part -3( Sagittarius to pieces)”

    1. 👍astrology is a guidence!! This is a wisdom of Indian sages. This is all about knowing oneself and where is focus should be according to person’s birth chart details etc.🙏thanks for giving time on my post🤗

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