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Unshakable Confidence and Self-Esteem

Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities is called self-confidence and confidence in one’s own worth or abilities is called self-esteem. The confidence must be unshakeable, always growing up and up with time and same with the self-esteem. Both should be unshakeable for living the best life. Body language is an integral part of communication, and the way you carry yourself may be communicating more than you know to the outside world.Self-confidence is a skill. It is something that you can learn.

For this attitude think like Life is like a game. Don’t be too serious about it. Life is not a problem to be solved, life is like a game to be played. There must be some rules for every game whatever you play in real life. If you play for winning in the game only and did not care about its rules then your confidence may be increased for some time but your self-esteem goes down. If a player played in a game by following all the rules with honesty then his perception of himself in his own eyes goes up a high level. For example in our Indian cricket team, a well-known player M.S.Dhoni, he has very high self-esteem with high confidence. Why? He follows all the rules and never ever do any cheating for winning a single match. This makes his self-esteem high. He always plays with honesty. This self-esteem in person makes the mind peaceful and anyone can see it on his face.

Learning attitude makes the confidence high. The first pillar to make good confidence is Passion. Passion does not mean that you are playing a game which you never like but you love only the outcome of that game. Then that is not your passion. Because you need effort, focus, concentration, hard work and external motivation to play that game which you don’t like to play but still playing because of loving the outcome of that game. If you are passionate about batting and didn’t have any intrust in bolling or fielding then it is incomplete passion. If a person interested in cricket then it needs to learn bowling and fielding also without interest for making his game better. In the process of Following your passion, all the problems which are coming on the way must be faced passionately for building confidence. Passion for winning is not passion. Passion for playing the game is passion. Just discover yourself what are your limits? From where to where you can go in the game of life. This makes unshakeable confidence. Mastering yourself in every aspect of the life like health, wealth and relationship etc. Then it is called passion about the game of life.

The second pillar is practice. If a player thought that I have to win at any cost and he wins that is not the confidence.As everyone knows that it is possible that the best batsman can out by the worst bowler. So saying “I am confident that nobody can out me”, is wrong. If he says,” my practice is good enough and may win or lose in short-term but nobody can stop me moving forward and getting better in the game because I know I am a good player” makes his self-confidence grow with time.Practicing in the right direction is more important than only practicing. The meaning of this is learning from those who are already successful in that game of life or any game. For doing so learning by observing successful people or personally asking about how to practice. Taking advice from successful people in that particular field for which you are passionate about or reading right kind of books of successful people or asking directly if possible but not taking advice from anyone who knows nothing. If you ask,”how to do business?” from a person who spends all his life in a job, can’t give you the right advice. Following only experts, makes the practice and learning better in the right direction and this way confidence builds up automatically.

The third pillar to make unshakeable confidence is Patience with persistence. It is important to understand that the result is not in your hand and continue the practice in the right direction is developing patience. Continuity maintaining in the game is called persistence. All these things together make unshakeable confidence as well as unshakeable self-esteem.

5 thoughts on “Unshakable Confidence and Self-Esteem”

  1. You have brought out an important concept about passion, ability and learning. Yes, practice makes perfect I agree with you. Learning from someone who is great at what they do is awesome ! Thanks for this blog Nidhi.

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