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A New System of Thinking and Behaving : Improve your life by changing your habits and thoughts

Everywhere you look, people, these days are stressed out. Many reach a breaking point and sink into depression, is so common today. But the strange thing is here that most people don’t realize that having trouble sleeping and remembering are symptoms of depression. Many people admit to being stressed or overwhelmed but don’t consider themselves depressed. The problem is that stress which is a risk factor for depression, and depression doesn’t always appear as extreme lethargy and sadness, it often shows up in bodily symptoms.

Our beliefs only itself are the strongest factors that govern our behavior. We strongly made a belief- a belief that we lack something. When we were born, we were almost clean slate and ready to collect information from our surroundings or society.The beliefs we form in our childhood are the strongest factors that influence our personality. But that does not mean that we are stuck with them in our whole life. They are hard to change but the good news is that changing are not impossible.For example when you are in a class and you raise your hand very first to answer the question and your answer was wrong and other classmate started to laugh at you when you make a belief that you should never do this again or you are a fool. This stops you to speak next time in class and also affects in coming life. Take another example that randomly in your class your teacher called you to give a speech on something and you give a speech very well and everybody praises you. This makes a positive belief in mind that you can speak in front of the public on any topic. This belief helps you to build confidence in you.Take another example A boy who always felt financially insecure as a child because his parents always worried about money may develop a strong need to become rich. He may become very ambitious and competitive. If he fails to meet his financial goals, he may become severely depressed. This happens because of belief.

For removing negative belief you first Identifying the beliefs that you want to change and understanding how you formed them is enough for you to break free from their clutch and not let them control your behavior.You don’t need any experiences to break your past belief system.

Your nervous system can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. To your subconscious mind, everything is a reality. To understand this concept I will ask you to Do not think about apple.what you think of course you think about it. It is because our mind doesn’t understand in words. It always thinks in pictures. It never listens what” not “. You keep saying I do not want bad situations in my life.your subconscious mind only imagined bad situations. And unconsciously you give the information to your mind to focus on bad situations.So if you’re suffering from low confidence and self-esteem, there is a solution. And that is to visualize yourself as being a person with high confidence and a lot of self-esteem.

Close your eyes and really imagine the kind of person you would be. What would you feel like?How would you act around other people?All you have to do is imagine and visualize every small detail and the story you’re telling yourself will begin to change to a positive more confident one. You do this every day and over time every negative belief you’ve had about yourself. And Be the best version of yourself.

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