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How To Get Rid Of your Past Memories?

Everyone has memories that they would like to delete completely even from recycle bin of their mind. A disturbing incident, an embarrassing situation, the humiliation of being insulted by a loved one, no matter how hard you try to forget it, the memory refuses to leave you alone.


In Real life, there is no way to forget anything. If you wish, you can try and I bet whenever you are trying to not remembering someone or something or some situation it will make their picture or memory more strong in your mind. And this is the way our mind works. The mind works in pictures/images. And you notice if you are remembering something bad it will become a chain of bad memories. One by one they all come to your mind like a movie is playing. If I ask you to not to think about apple. You will create an image of an apple in your mind.Again if I will ask you to don’t think about a green apple. Again you think about it. Now I hope you understand the working procedure of your mind. Now the question is then how to think?? Just try the method which I explain you.


You might not realize, but real life is a game of strategy. There are some fun mini-games – like playing a role of husband, playing a role of father, playing a role of the son.But the key to winning is simply managing your resources and giving 100% of yourself to making your game perfect or you can say better every day.Most importantly, successful players put their time into the right things. Later in the game money comes into play, but your top priority should always be mastering where your time goes.

Now you can ask why life is like the game and you are just playing different roles. If you are focusing on facts/universal truth only then you will be able to figure out what I am saying. Now ask yourself (if you are a male) You are a male and that is fact. If you are a one person and you are a son, brother, a husband and a father too. Then on the basis of facts ask yourself how it is possible to you that you are 3 or 4 different people at a time?? Logically it is not possible. You are male/female that is fact but you are a son/daughter, a husband/a wife, a sister/a brother or any other person is not true 100%. You are just playing your role. And when you are playing your role by giving your 100%, then your game is perfect. Now if something bad happens to you like, any player get angry at you or something bad happens in the game then what a player does?think, the player is only focusing making their game better and going to next stage or next level of the game. If any player stuck in that situation then the game is gone in a repetitive mode, he/she will never win that level and never go to next level. Suppose If you are sad as a girlfriend/boyfriend because of your breakup then ask yourself who is sad? A girlfriend/boyfriend ?or you as a male/ female? The answer is girlfriend/boyfriend is sad. Now ask yourself is that true after breakup your character of boyfriend/girlfriend is dead now. There is no any boyfriend or girlfriend exist in reality. You become ex-boyfriend/girlfriend now. Then why are you sad?? You are sad because of your memories which you created in your mind. Memories are nothing just your self-talking to yourself in your mind. Nothing else. Whenever you know it what you are asking to you in your mind be aware ask yourself stop living in an illusion of characters of the game. Play other parts well and make your game better.When you start asking logical questions to yourself your mind will unanswered and follow the real fact-based things only.

As with games, every single thing you do affects your “character”‘s state and how the game progresses.Each Level in life presents a particular challenge that you must overcome. Once you overcome that challenge, you get to move on to the next Level. The goal is to complete as many levels as possible. At the end of the game, the person at the highest level gets to have the best funeral.

There are five levels in life:

Level 1 – you’re not homeless and/or starving.

Level 2 – Level 2 requires that you find a secure and stable home to base yourself out of.

Level 3 – requires finding the right people to love and the right people who love you.

Level 4 – building some skill or knowledge or ability that adds value to the world around you.

Level 5 – If you’re lucky, your parents will have successfully guided you through Levels 1-3 and even give you a nice boost in achieving Level 4.

In level 5 making sure your life mattered when you’re dead. Before death, try to create a legacy.

9 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of your Past Memories?”

  1. Thanks for sharing!…

    “Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” Anais Nin

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