Indian Vedic Astrology

Numerology Master Number 22

If you were born on the 22nd of any Month, your birth number is master number 22. A person with Life Path 22 is said to be endowed with special gifts of high-level inspiration and leadership, but their life may also be very challenging and highly paradoxical. Life path 22 people are confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined. Impracticality and self-imposed pressure can get the better of the 22. When unaware of its own potential, the 22 number people will miss out on or shy away from necessary opportunities.They can be just as much of a curse as they can be a blessing. They give their insight into obstacles by calling upon their patience.

22 is a grandiose thinker with great confidence and leadership qualities with having unusual perception. These people intuition is very good and advice to them that they should rely on their first impressions. These people are practical and idealistic. 22 people tend to want to ground their ideas in realistic methods. They have enormous potential for success. They may secretly feel that nothing will measure up to their original dream. Consequently, they can turn away from their ambitions. This can result in enormous disappointment to them. They should overcome this failure feeling and start believing in themselves. As a remedy always take advice from the experts in that field where you wanna go in your life.

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