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Mercury in Astrology(part-2)

Mercury in Astrology (part-1)

Mercury in the 1st house

Natives are a truly intelligent person and are deep learners throughout their life.These people are quite restless in their approach though they carry a good stamina. These people look for a very talkative partner. These people look very young in old age too.

Mercury in the 2nd house

These people logic developed through family history or family lineage. These people are very communicative in the art of the public speaking. These people use their logical intelligence in the financial world. They become very materialistic and through their communication, they gain money.

Mercury in the 3rd house

Mercury in 3rd house’s Native will possess a witty and clever composure of mind which remains active and possess versatile attributes as in kalapurusha kundali mercury’s original house is the 3rd house which is Gemini sign.Mercury in 3rd house person is quite practical with their approach towards life instead of emotional which makes them stable at mind but they are not one of the aggressive hasty personalities though they would be quiet serious towards life. This will bring benefits from the siblings but the native won’t be beneficial for them. These people also get name and fame as a good writer. the evening mercury in third house of the horoscope, you can get similar results but will depend on the position and conjunction with other planets and may change some results accordingly.

Mercury in the 4th house

These native remain firm on the value system despite obstacles and hurdles.This placement is a very good one; the only things one should be careful with such a placement is about becoming overly fanatic of the belief. These people very much influenced by their mother. Most people do real estate business with this position. These are the people who have very strong memory.

Mercury in the 5th house

5th house is a very good position for mercury. This is the house of creativity, mercury loves creativity.Even knowledge of any future-telling sciences, including astrology and palmistry, are the domains of Mercury. No one can become a good and impressive speaker, whether in private conversation or public speaking, without the favourability of Mercury.

Mercury in the 6th house

Mercury placed in the sixth house of a horoscope is benefit in nature and it is supported by some other benefit planets, the native may use the abilities given by such benefit Mercury to solve the problems of other people and he may benefit in the process. Usually, these people live to counsel for others. Through their communication, they able to solve disputes.

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