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Scorpio Rising Sign

According to your ascendant, who you are? and what’re your positive and negative traits? Which planets are favorable for you and which are unfavorable according to your ascendant can be predicted by using your rising sign. If the first house of the birth chart, 8 number is written then it Scorpio sign rising. Rising signs means the map of your life. Rising sign is your first house then 12 house like 12 zodiac signs, each house is controlled by the certain planet. Here is very basic information I am giving. Depending on how good or bad planet placed in your birth chart, your life is going to be. But the basic foundation is always the same. A certain way of thinking and reacting is always same in particular rising sign people. Vishakha, Anuradha, and Jyeshta are three stars comes in the Scorpio sign. That’s why same sign people behave differently due to different energies of starts with different 4 padas. This is a fixed natured and watery sign. This sign rules the north direction. Scorpio is strong during the daytime.

The Scorpio people are very dynamic, very secretive, very intense, very dominating and it wanted to win over by hook or by crook. If the ascendant lord is very negatively powerful or badly placed in the birth chart then they may be self-destructive too. But the positive side of this ascendant is that these people usually born in a very religious family with very well educated people. This is because the 2nd house of the family ruled by Jupiter. They are very disciplined when they communicate with their siblings or neighbors. But its also very pessimistic. They tend to be constantly worried about should I do this or should I do that. Always a struggle going on in their mind. They procrastinate their thinking too sometimes. This is because the third house which is also the house of the subconscious mind ruled by Saturn. If Saturn is well placed then their relationship with siblings is good. Saturn also rules the 4rth house. These people can do good in real estate too. These people grew up with worldly wisdom. Jupiter also rules the 5th house so these people usually invest their family wealth into the stock market or any good investment plan. They are very good at taking care of their family wealth and doing investments. These people good in academic studies with fewer efforts if Jupiter is well placed. Their children are very creative too. They hate to be defeated so they always try their best to defeat their enemy. Their everyday life is full of challenges but they love that. They can’t live without challenges. Their spouses are very beautiful. This is because of the energy of Venus in 7th house. These people are very protective of their spouse. They hade very good communication with their in-laws. But there are so many fluctuations in their mind so they tend to make an impulsive wrong decision as Gemini rules the 8th house. They have no patient in their nature. These people are emotionally involved in their religion. This is because up bring house which is ruled by Jupiter and this 9th house is ruled by the moon. But due to the energy of the moon, this house is also gone with ups and downs in their religious activity. They do a good government job or good medical job because sun rules the career house. Their social network and incoming gains are always calculative as it rules by Virgo. Their gains also fluctuate so much. They find balance in their life by giving donations.

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