Purpose Of Life

When everything goes right, none think about the purpose of life. When any problem occurs and unable or difficult to solve then everyone thinks what’s the purpose of life? Lots of problems in life? Is life is equal to a continuous struggle? Is it our ultimate destiny in solving problems? So now that person who faces all these troubles thinks that what’s the ultimate purpose of my life? Financial problem, health problem, relationship problems?

Thinking is not a bad thing. Instead, it is the most important thing. If you can think then you are the life as no dead person can think. But thinking correctly is important that brings you peace. Choose the one option between living for thinking nonstop restlessly and thinking correctly for living peacefully. Why you choose option first and why you chose option second, ask yourself and you will find the answer. Are you comfortable always thinking like why does he/she do this to me? He/she has something which I don’t have. Why he/she/parents/spouse is like this? why are they not behaving like my desire? or the way I want? Why they can’t change themselves according to me? Why my life is like that? Why am I suffering from financial problems? Why am I suffering from this or that decrease?? why is the study so hard for me? And much more useless thinking. Continuously comparing yourself with others is just living for thinking which is an option first.

In option 2, the thinking is like if I wanna survive peacefully then I need to da o a job/business. Either I do this way or that way but I have to do anyhow. I have to do something for my survival. This is the correct way of thinking. If you didn’t work and waiting for right and perfect work/job then it will only increase the problem. It will make a disturbance in the peace of mind. So peace in life has to be the ultimate goal. Accept the world, the way it is. How can I improve my health, finance, and relationship and apply by taking actions is the right way of thinking which leads you to peace of mind. How can I do something for the betterment of society? Is the right way of thinking. Everyone has some resources, body, talent, skill, education, mind. Use all these to make your life peaceful not then the short-term but eventually by avoiding useless thinking on things which you can’t change.

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