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6th House In Astrology: Know your Enemy

6th HOUSE is basically dealing with enemies, diseases of the body, everyday work life and relationship with co-workers. 6th house is the house of debt and litigations too. It’s the first malefic house in the birth chart. Mars and Saturn are the karaka of the 6th house.

Diseases, maternal home, and uncles, debt and enemies ate govern by mars. Saturn governs your job, servants, litigations, and conspiracy which exactly opposite to mars. In the kalapurusha kundali 6th house ruled by mercury, which is the application of your mind.

That means you only able to overcome the things of the 6th house like debt, job, servants, and enemies by application of your mind.

If the sun is placed in the 6th house or sun is the ruler of 6th house that means native always aware of his enemy, disease. Everything comes under the 6th house in front of the native.

If the moon is placed in 6th house, then the native will always handle everything related 6th house with the help of his emotion. If mars are placed or rule 6th house then the native is always in the fighting mode. Saturn is not good in this house as the native has to struggle within the job, with enemies etc.

Mercury is good in 6th house or as a ruler of the 6th house. Native always overcome things of 6th house with the application of his mind. Jupiter never gives good results in 6th house as he is a benefic planet. Native always suffering from debt and stomach problems.

Venus is also bad in 6th house or ruler of this house as it makes native very selfish. Rahu is not very good in 6th house as a native has a tendency to create unnecessarily fight. Ketu is in 6th house is ok but not very good as where Ketu sits it creates a mystery and you unable to find and cure your disease.

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