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Ask Yourself ??

Few questions that you need to ask yourself, to completely change your life and be on the way to your success. The first question is Why?

Whenever you are going to take any important decision to ask a “why”. For example, if you wish to start any business then ask why ?? Why do you want to start a business? Or why you wish to make so much money? Or why you wanna lose your weight?

Whatever you want to achieve in your life, it is necessary that a very strong reason must be present behind your wish or goal. This is because our feelings are temporary. For example, maybe you wish to do some exercise and yoga today but next day you wanna eat burger and lot more junk food.

So you can’t trust your feelings. That’s why a strong reason must be needed to achieve something big in life. Your why gives you a purpose. Whenever your why is clear in your mind your way to success is also become clear in front of you. This is like a foundation stone on your way to success which brings you towards your goal. To ask why to yourself you must go 6 to 7 level deeper to get the strong and clear purpose. Do not satisfy with the first answer.

Level 1.For example: why you want to stay fit?? answer: because you want to look good. Again

Level 2. Why do you want to look good?

Answer: because you want to impress someone.

Level 3. Why do you want to attract them?

Answer: because you feel lonely and want to make them your friend.

Level 4. Why you feel lonely?…….so on till 6 to 7 level deeper and you will get the exact right purpose. It will give you the right motivation of your life.

The second question is why the not? Sometimes you’re why is not clear, then you should ask yourself y not?” Asking “Why not” is the best way to find you why when you are unable to find it. Like, why not you should follow your passion? Why should you not talk to someone new? Why should you not start your business? Why should you not earn more money? These questions give you a perspective and help to break your thought process.

Often we forget that we have only one life and living life joyfully is only possible when we try new things in life otherwise routine life makes you get bored from it easily. Whatever you try new in life either gives you happiness or a lesson or experience. And a collection of your all experiences is called life.

There is no meaning exists in life itself instead we need to give meaning to our life. Whenever you realize that the universe is too big and we are just like a dust particle then why not we do something big and life-changing.

The next question you should ask yourself is “why not you?” like why you can’t do something big in your life like others? Why doubt yourself while you know they all are human and have the same brain and body parts available to use.

Many people in this world having the worst to the condition that you and still, they brush up selves and grow in their lives. And they do something big in their lives by asking themselves why not I? Do not doubt your abilities as your potential is limited by your imagination and your hard work only.

Whenever you doubt yourself and giving excuses to you, always remember someone somewhere in this world is in worst condition than you and still grow and achieve big in their lives.

The last question you can ask yourself is “why not now?” this is the most important question you can ask yourself, what are you waiting for? There is no perfect time.

Every time is life goes through ups and downs. If you are always in waiting mode then one day you leave your dreams because they seem next to impossible to achieve. What you think if you never go to work everyday then is it possible you will get that job?

Obviously not. You will get fired from it. The same way you need to understand for your life that if you can’t follow your dream and never work on it then you will get fired from your dreams.

So ask yourself why not now you start reading the book? Or start your business now? Because today is the young, you will ever be. This moment never comes back again. So what are you waiting for? Do it now.

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