How To Start Taking Actions!

Some people prefer thinking things through thoroughly before taking action, and very few who like to jump in head first. Taking action towards your targets is one of the most necessary steps in effectuating life changes.

A lack of self-discipline to stay persistent in achieving a goal, hidden disbelief that you can complete a goal, holding you back from scheduling a time to start your action. The secret of taking action quickly is asking yourself a question: What is the next smallest step that I can take, right now?

If you read motivational articles daily and attending motivational seminars but still there is no change happen in your life, you don’t make any progress in your life then the only reason behind it is that you never take any action. So I am introducing a technique for taking action if none kind of motivational thing worked for you.

The first reason that people never take any action because their goals are not specific or they are too big to achieve them. To solve this problem you need a minimum effective portion means the least work you can do to still get results or take few baby steps you can take daily towards your goal.

For example, if you want to lose your weight then your minimum effective portion of work maybe 20 minutes of daily workout. Or if your goal is to make your mind peaceful, you need to do meditation daily then for that goal your minimum effective goal maybe 15-minute meditation. Or maybe you need to score good marks in the exam then your minimum effective portion of the study may be 1 hour daily. But the important thing is this effective portion of work may be different for everyone. Which suits you best, you can modify your work portion on daily basis. You need to decide only 2 goals for 1-month practice. When you start mastering in this you can increase the goals quantity.

To do it with honesty you should make a calendered sheet for one month and do a tick mark for both goals work which you do daily. You can take one day rest in a whole week. If you do with honestly and never skip anything then from next month you can make one extra goal or increase your minimum effective work portion.

But if you are unable to do so then make a new calendered sheet and do it again with honesty. If you were doing 20-minute exercise daily then now you should increase timings and make it 30 minutes for this month. push your limits from next month. You can add one more goal to your list and do it as before you do for other 2 goals. You should follow these things for 1 year.

Pushing your limits every month and increase the goals if you want. But do not increase so many goals so that you give up easily. Increase your goals but do not exceed more than 5 goals in a month as more goals take more energy. To finish your tasks effectively you should do a few tasks but with pushing your limits in every month and focusing on tasks with 100% honestly.

Doing this you can watch yourself that which day you are working towards your goal and which day you are making excuses. Stick your calendered sheet on your wall so that you can easily see it, mark on it and work according to it.

Remember one thing if you guess that technique does not work for you, techniques work but you don’t work. This technique of making a mark whenever you finish your task will lead you to motivation that you can do it. When your everyday work and mark then you notice the difference. After one year you defiantly achieve desired results if you work with honestly. Allow one day leave if any unavoidable situation came on your way. But work at least 6 days in a week to get desired results.

You can contact me at my email for a personal consultation or if you want to know more about yourself or if you want to know all the house lord and their true power and role in your birth chart.

20 thoughts on “How To Start Taking Actions!”

  1. Great words, Nidhi. I work 7 days a week, never drink/smoke etc. and spend 45 minutes a day in the gym. It’s hard work but my various business models are forming well. The killer is the lack of pure freedom. Freedom creates creativity and if I ever lose that I’m dead in the water. The musician/composers curse.


  2. Thank you Nidhi. Finally I have decided to start writing my book. I am inviting people interested in sharing experiences on the way and collaboration


  3. I really like the idea of “minimum effective portion” and putting it on the calendar is really smart. Thanks for that – I’ll give it a try for a couple of my own goals.


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