Why Most People Don’t Get Wealthy?

There are some people who never get rich in their whole life. There are some reasons behind it. Here I am sharing a few of them

They Never Know They Can be Rich

In this category, people grow up with the conditioning that more money in life is evil. They told by their parents or society that You should not dream big. Spend only whatever your capacity to earn type things. These all thoughts sowed in their mind since childhood. So their unconscious brain accepts that being rich is not a good thing. This makes their attitude negative in terms of making money for getting rich. They always get in trouble due to lack of money and still thinks that more money is the root cause of all problems. These people work hard for making money but still say that money is the evil cause of all problems. They never ask themselves that why he is working hard for few bucks. If their parents or loved ones fall sick then what he should do? Is he comfortable with the government hospital or good private hospital for their better treatment? If anyone asks you to spend only what your limits to earn then you can say to yourself that you will increase your limits of earning rather than controlling your expenses.

They Never Take Any Decision

Many people just hope, think and imagine that whenever they have so much money then their life becomes very good and comfortable. But they never take any solid decision to earn more money. They never learn new techniques or update their knowledge and skills to do their work in a better way and make money. They only make excuses regarding their never ending problems and blame others. These people say always success is all about being lucky or I was born into a poor family or I can’t do business because I didn’t have money.

They Always Procrastinate

Either this kind of people realize that they can be rich but still, they never go further in that direction. They always procrastinate. They always in imagination that one day I will work hard and I will change my life and I will start saving money. One day I will update my knowledge and skills. And they always make excuses and procrastinate their knowledge and skills. Whenever does someone ask to learn something new they always procrastinate and say time to learn anything I am very busy or who will teach me? they can read books but they never started reading. They can use audio books but they will never prefer to learning something new instead they prefer to watch TV IPL match are useless news about political debates.

They Fear failure and criticism

In their early childhood whenever they make any mistake their Guardian and teachers in school always get angry on them and punish them so their mental makeup is like salon is a very bad thing and the fear about failure and criticism. This kind of people always gets here to take his in their lives. Opportunity knocks on the door the never take any action and lose that opportunity. I never have enough money to invest and I didn’t have any knowledge and skills. Even they thought that if they set their financial goal others will laugh at them and they will never achieve that goal. The guess that others will criticize them and say bad things about them. They thought that others will about them that they are very money minded. So that Fear of Criticism never allows them to make any decision regarding money and set any financial goal.

They stop learning

if anyone says to learn new things then they replied that they already know all and do not try to teach them. They think that if someone says something new then their image get vanished. They thought that everyone thinks that they are smart and if they knew that something they didn’t know then their image of smartness will remove in front of them. Means that they feel ashamed in saying that thanks buddy I didn’t know it and you tell me something new today. Always remember that if you want something that you have never had you must be willing to do something you have never done before. For financial success and skills, are must for everyone. Keeping update our self is a must. So whatever you want to do learn from those who are already successful in those fields.

They never do continuous efforts

There is a huge difference between successful and unsuccessful.l.ccessful people always do efforts and unsuccessful people always procrastinate and never do continuous efforts. Unsuccessful people leave any work if they face only one or two failure. You can take an example of going to the gym, some people only visit the gym when they get very overweight tummy. Only a few of them will continue goes the gym. Many of them stop going after 15 days. They come back to their lazy routine. Some people started eating healthy foods but after a few days, they can’t resist unhealthy food. And again they started eating garbage foods. The same attitude is present in their financial goal. If they decide any financial goal and follow it but they leave it in the middle. This attitude is present in their savings goals and investment goals too.

They started saving money but whenever they know that some new model of a cell l phone is coming in the market then their attitude never allow him to save money and they purchase that phone or anything they want to purchase and forget about saving. They can’t resist themselves to spend money. Always remember if you want to achieve success then your attitude must be never quit.

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28 thoughts on “Why Most People Don’t Get Wealthy?”

  1. I really enjoyed this!! Have you read rich dad poor dad before?

    It’s so true about procrastination and thinking money is the root of all evil. I think people need to be more honest and realise the importance money has in our lives


  2. But it is also possible to ambitions which are higher than making money. Like when people do social work, or prefer to attain the highest skill in something, and get a lot of pleasure in creating something. I do not think lesser of these people, but in fact admire them far more than people who get rich


    1. To do social work, money is required first.if someone want to help someone then how can he/she able if he/she didn’t have more than enough money ? Being rich is not only to spend on ourselves it can also lead to make better society. To help others must need money only sympathy or words can’t do anything in this world.


      1. You don’t necessarily need money. I am not referring to donations. I know several middle class people who are devoted to social causes. They give their time, and get great fulfilment from it.


      2. when social workers are rich they use their knowledge of wealth to leverage more resources, support more causes, and help more people; help which their clients, in turn, pass on to their circles of influence and networks. Without the fear of not having enough money hanging over their heads, social workers are free to hire that coach, take that hobby class, book that three-week trip to Cancun, with no regrets. When social workers are empowered, they empower their clients. it’s easy to see the massive impact social workers can make in the lives of others when they’re financially empowered. When money is not their concern, they can focus on other critical don’t see Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos stressed out about money — neither do they spend time hankering for resources. Instead, these multimillionaires spend their time and energy seeking to engineer some of the most significant improvements of this generation.It’s because money is not their concern that they’re able to focus their attention on such epic ideas and strategies — and it’s because social workers are concerned about not having enough money that they do not — not in any systematic way, at least.But when money — or the lack of it — is no longer a primary concern for the social worker, the question is no longer, “Can we afford this solution,” but, “Which viable solution will we choose?”social workers need to be rich — and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be. Perhaps as wealth becomes a reality for more of these trained professionals, their ability to enrich the lives of others will be expanded as well.


  3. I loved this so much I shared it on my pinterest account. You are a very gifted writer. Nobody should take advantage of your writing, nobody. I’m not always able to come on here, but when I do, for some reason I find myself looking for wisdom from your account, because as I said you’re a gifted writer, Nidhi.


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