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11th house in Astrology: know your incoming Gains

This is one of the most important houses in these days as it’s the house of our hopes and ambitions, older siblings, incoming gains and desire fulfillment. This is the neutral house like a 3rd house. The 3rd house is the beginning of desire and 11th house is the fulfillment if that desire, either in this birth or next birth. Jupiter is the significator of the 11th house, able to fulfill all desires. In kalapurusha kundali, its Aquarius sign, ruled by Saturn. This is the house where no planet can give more results or fewer results because of control of Saturn. To calculate, how many desires of yours are gonna be fulfilled in this birth, calculate the points on 3rd and 11th house, if the 3rd house has more points then your desire is more but fulfillment is less but if the 11th house has more points, then you wish less and get more. For example, the 3rd house has 35 points and the 11th house has 22 points that mean, out of 35 wishes, 22 wishes will be fulfilled and vice versa.

If the sun is placed in 11th house, then your friends and elder brothers are very much famous. They are a very known person as you like to introduce yourself like I am his friend or I am a sibling of that person. If the moon is here or moon rules that house then your emotions are very much attached to your elder siblings or friends. When mars rules that house or mars is in 11th house that means you are fulfilling your wishes but looking for next always so unable to enjoy that. Native wants more and more all the time. When Jupiter is in 11th house or rules the 11th house then native calculate all hopes and wishes and aware about all desires. Native makes friendship on basis of future benefits calculations. Native has so many friends but when he need help none will come. Venus is the only planet not consider good in this house as native becomes very selfish. He always tries to take pleasure from friends and not giving respect to them. When Saturn is here then it gives a very small-small portion of gains in specific time. Mercury does very well in this house. Rahu also gives good results in this house as it always wants to do something new. Ketu is not good for this house as it makes very dry relation with friends and elders.

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