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What are the symptoms of black magic in a home?

Often people start trembling as soon as they hear the name of black magic and voodoo. Black magic is a symbol of black powers. The truth is that there is nothing called black magic. Understand that black magic is a kind of magic.

Magic is called black magic for personal gain and harm to others. Muttkarni Vidya, Vashikaran, Uchattan, Maran, ghosts and sorcery all comes under black magic. Black magic is also known as Tantric learning. Its development has been associated with the Brajyan society of Buddhism in India.

Astrological Yoga of Black Magic

There is something wrong in the horoscope of the person when only black magic is effected on him. If Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mars are affected by Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope with special houses then only those people are affected by evil forces. It is said in astrology that the effect of black magic is very much on the day of the solar eclipse. A lot of changes in the position of zodiac signs come on this day.

Mannequin is used

Whenever you hear the name Black Magic in India, the idea of Bengal first comes to mind. Although this is not true, black magic is used more in Africa than in India. Black magic is linguistic in Africa by the word of Voodoo. A doll-like mannequin is used in this process. You can make this effigy from mines like gram flour, urad dal and flour. After this, chants are made to awakening it. After that, the black magic on which the mannequin has to be performed is done with the name of the person awakened in the doll.

This is how it started

It is said that black magic originated from Africa itself. A goddess named Erjuli appeared on the tree in the year 1847. She was understood as the deity of affection and charm. She had the power to overcome the diseases of the people with her powers. The priests of the church did not like the goddess of love and beauty, He called it blasphemous and cut down the tree itself. People started worshipping here by making an idol of Goddess.

Black magic produces negative energy in the body. These capabilities are delivered by an outsider who has an inside impact on that person. Black magic works psychologically. Black magicians catch your unconscious mind. It affects your mind. Under black magic, Muttakarni learning, captivating, erection, Maran, ghosts, sorcery etc. are included. Mostly it is also called Tantric learning.

Apart from this, there are several conventional beliefs and misconceptions which are myths, which come from the folk tale, which have no solid basis behind it. They can also be the subject of research. Out of this, there are several such stuff which is part of faith and not many aspects.

Voodoo became black magic

They utilized voodoo to fix disorders and problems of people. But when they began utilizing Voodoo wrongly, its name came to be black magic. During this period, the spirit of the dead person is ordered in the human body and is inserted in the body of other people for their selfishness.

Identify if black magic has happened

When a person is attacked by negative energy, his body reacts against it. The heartbeat increases without any reason. Whenever there is black magic on a person, his mind and brain start to become weak. Nightmares come at night. People who have black magic, they like loneliness. Apart from this, they do not feel hungry and thirsty. Such persons are always sick. Many times they are not able to find out about his illness at the doctor. Basil leaves suddenly dry in the house.

Signs of black magic

1. It is a symptom that a person suffering does not control himself, he can do anything. As if he could tear his head in stone, or he could die by jumping from above and Any similar work that can even kill him.

2. If you have a dream and you have done a toilet or any kind of it To the dirt Look upon you.

3. If there is a extreme constant pain in your head, it is also a symptom of black magic.

4. If your whole body is suffering or there is any kind of problem in your body which is not medically identified. If there is pain without any reason, it is also a symptom.

5. If you have pain in your back and kidneys, then you are also vulnerable.

6. If your whole body feels like it is on fire and because of that your whole body is deliberating.

7. If you have a burning sensation in your eyes and you are also getting the toilet again and again than normal.

8. Fast beating of your heart. Panic and persistent chest pain can also be a symptom.

9. There is also a symptom of black magic that you will become irritated and uncomfortable without any problems. Will not feel like talking to anyone

10. The colour of your face become pale is also one of the reasons that the more magic the stronger the colour of your face is.

11. You will not experience happiness if you have great happiness and still, you are sad. You cant enjoy the happiness of any kind.

12. Repeated hunger: Whatever you eat, you feel, it will make you hungry.

13- Continuous disease. All treatments fail.

14- Constant anxiety, suicidal tendencies, desire to move away from home and family.

15- Continuous disease of any member of the family.

16-Without any physical deficiency or without any medical reason you feel low.

17-Abortion or death of children. Sudden unnatural death in the family

18 – Any problem in the construction of house, factory or any other building.

19- Shredder of money, despite hard work.

20- No desire to live. Suffocation occurs. Life seems useless. No desire to grow life.

21-Sudden quarrels between brothers or other family members, without any reason.

22- Achievement of objectives seems impossible. Loss in business.

23- Fear of discord enemies between spouses or family.

24-Poverty despite hard work. If any disease or infection arises which causes great pain, day after day in the body. If you feel weakness, the reports are normal and the medicine stops giving its effect, then surely you are under the influence of black magic.

The article is for information purpose only. Don’t try to do anything unethical and wrong. Negativity brings negativity only.

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