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Jupiter in Astrology(part-2)


Jupiter in the 1st house

First house Jupiter gives very good health, a good spouse, and higher education everything a person wants in his life as Jupiter controls many houses almost 11 houses out of 12. This also gives a big family. These people are also very religious and follow the law of culture. These people have wealth of knowledge, which means a Ph.D. isn’t always a millionaire but is respected like one.

Jupiter in the 2nd house

Jupiter in the second house gives a very business minded person with very good speaking ability. This person will become a writer, public speaker or teacher. Jupiter is the significator of the 2nd house, and sitting in its own place may cause some problem.

Jupiter in the 3rd house

These people have a good relationship with siblings, the person may also receive benefits from siblings. The spouse of the native is very supportive as Jupiter is the significator of 7th house and seeing on the 7th house from 3rd house. Third house Jupiter gives writing ability and a very high philosophical mind as 3rd house represents hands and subconscious mind.

Jupiter or Brihaspati was one of the eight sons of Angiras, the son of Brahma and Shraddha. After receiving initial knowledge from his father, Jupiter left his home in the quest for spiritual knowledge and meditated for thousands of years, he earned a place as guru or teacher to the demigods. His work was to guide rest of god.

Jupiter in the 4th house

Jupiter in the 4th house is one of the best positions for Jupiter. In the fourth house in kalapurusha a kundali, it is exalted. This gives an on-time marriage, a lovely upbringing environment in a family of the native.


Jupiter in the 5th house

Jupiter brings a lot of luck and wealth to the person when it is in 5th house. This is the best position for a financial analyst or accountant. This person may have a creative mind. This can damage the education of a person, or give delayed education. When Jupiter is sitting with Rahu then Jupiter act as functional malefic for an ascendant.

Jupiter in the 6th house

Jupiter in the sixth house gives victory over enemies as a person uses his wisdom to defeat the enemies, gains from friends, lots of wealth. However, this placement can also cause a lot of debt and health problem as 6th house is a house of debt and small time period illness.

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