Rising Sign, Simple Astrology

Capricorn Rising Sign


According to your ascendant, who you are? and what’s your positive and negative traits? Which planets are favorable for you and which are unfavorable according to your ascendant can be predicted by using your rising sign. If the first house of the birth chart,10 number is written then it Capricorn sign rising. Rising signs means the map of your life. The rising sign is your first house then 12 house like 12 zodiac signs, each house is controlled by a certain planet. Here is very basic information I am giving. Depending on how good or bad planet placed in your birth chart, your life is going to be. But the basic foundation is always the same. The rising sign is more important than your sun sign or moon sign.

Basic characteristics

Capricorn is an earth sign, rules south direction. The uttrashadha, Shravan and Dhanistha stars energy behind it. Capricorn people are very disciplined, calculative people. These people are very careful about everything, they do in their life. But these people are always seeking a rank in their life. Because they suffer such a low self-esteem and lack of ego or lots of fluctuations in ego within themselves.

Characterstics of Native Born under Capricorn Sign(1st to 5th house)

They need to go higher rank in life in order to feel sustainable in life. This is because sun which is our ego and self-esteem ruling the 8th house sudden ups and downs. Capricorn people come from the family of intellects especially the scientific background.

Their father could be a researcher scientist. Because of an Aquarius ruling 2nd house of speech, Their speech is able to win over people. Their attitude towards siblings is spiritual as if their sibling doesn’t like them they are fine to stay away from them. If their siblings want to communicate they welcomed them. Same thing they applied on relatives too. Their home life becomes very strict environment. Their entire energy goes into communication with family. Their children, creativity and early education become very important as Venus rules 5th house with 10th house of career. These can become a very good executive in the media business, film producers etc.


Characterstics of Native Born under Capricorn Sign(6th to 12th house)

Their everyday life, disease, and enemies are quite neutral because mercury rules the 6th house, which is neutral to Saturn. So whenever they get into disputes, they are able to solve it by their communications. They can be a very good lawyer because of this Gemini energy in the 6th house. Their marriage or legal relationships is a place where they are seeking some emotional ties. Their spouse becomes like mother and nurtures them. Their mother is like business personality. They want to establish a rank in life to balance their self-esteem. They are very calculative about higher learnings, religion.

They wanna implement their own calculations, they do not believe the things said by someone. When it comes to the career they choose a balanced career where they can work behind the scene in the beauty. They are very secretive about their gains. They are very secretive about who they let in their network circle. When it comes to their dreams or spiritual side, they are very spiritual people as Jupiter rules the 12th house where their losses all about giving donations. They believe that helping other people they will receive more.

These people look harder or disciplined from outside but soft from inside. They really need somebody to push them forward in order to achieve success. These people have usually a hand of a spiritual power or a guru behind them. Their confidence is governed by the teachers they run in their lives.

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