Hard Work vs Luck

Being accidentally fortunate is not the way to exist in this life. If you too much believe in your destiny then you have good insurance of your all failures. What will comes in our way, we can’t do something about that. But what we can make out of it is 100% in our hand. We can make the best out of worst or worst out of the best. It totally depends upon the way of thinking, intelligence, and our perception.

hard work vs luck

Is Everything in my Life already destined??

Wherever you are today, is that your destiny or your work??

Destiny is something, what people created unconsciously!!

As you are reading this right now, you are you are some physical movements and absorbing something in your mind. At this movement, you are creating some emotions too. Even every moment you are taking millions of inputs whether consciously or unconsciously. Since every morning, from the time you woke up to right now at this time, how much activities you do consciously?

It’s below 1%. If you move one place to another there are tons of smell, sounds which you never notice which your body resists and your conscious brian noticed and register in mind. Even when you are sleeping, the same thing is going on every day. This seems like life will happen as an accident! 99% of things you are doing unconsciously of course.

There are some cases happen in the world that suddenly a person fall from the tree and due to a brain injury, he becomes a genius in mathematics. But its only one. There are lots of people who have a brain injury but never become genius like that. So being accidentally is not the way to living the life. So whenever any pleasant accident happens, we call it destiny.

A famous funny story of this situation I am going to share here. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson decide to go on a camping trip. After dinner, they went to sleep. At midnight, Holmes awake and say, “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.”Watson said, “I see millions of stars.” then he again asked, “What does that tell you?” he replied then, “There are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. I can see that God is all powerful and that we are small and insignificant”.”What does it tell you, Holmes?”Holmes was silent for a minute, then spoke: “Watson, you fool! Someone has stolen our tent!”

So this proves that we missing lots of things and something is happening here and there by chance. But that’s not the way life works. If a human being doesn’t take it upon himself/herself to make their own destiny then they have an evolutionary problem. They are not fully there yet. Being human means that we conduct our life consciously. One common example is where we are taking food, we always prefer to watch tv or our focus is on our cellphone. These days, We are missing to enjoy The taste of food fully.

It happens with many that while we are taking lectures in college but thinking about something else. We continuously doing self-talk in our mind and rarely people living a conscious life. Daily We do the brush because it’s our habit since childhood. We go to the bathroom and start doing it without many efforts. But if we are not doing any physical activity to become fit, then our mind needs a lot of willpower to do that. So many give up easily. People are using yo live unconsciously in their home zone. So when they unable to eat healthily and become sick they blame their failure of being healthy on destiny.

Your life is your Karma/Deeds

This means your life is your making. What comes in our way not in our hand so focus on what we can make out of it. Whenever you have some negative emotions for someone then it will harm you first because you are carrying something negative. The other person will not be affected by your bitterness because he didn’t know what you are thinking. But your mind knows the negative emotions so it will definitely harm you. So be positive and live consciously.

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