Rising Sign, Simple Astrology

Gemini Rising Sign

Rising signs set an entire map of your entire life like what kind of a family you have, what kind of education, children, marriage, the career you will have? But How It’s going to be? good or bad; that depends upon how planets are placed in your birth chart. Rising signs set the basic foundation of life. It tells what’s your life map. It means the moment you were born; at that particular time and day, the east side was from the sun rises; had that side the Gemini constellation sign which becomes your ascendant or rising sign. This is based upon Vedic calculations. Gemini is an airy sign. It is dual sign energy and strongest at night time. It represents arms, chest, and shoulder in the body.

These are the people who start many different things at the same time and want to succeed in all at that time. The best example of Gemini Rising is Mr. Donald Trump, current President of the United States. They have the Gemini ascendant energy. Gemini represents communication and intelligence. This is ruled by mercury. Their family wealth goes up and down because of the second house of family wealth rules by the moon. Their mother usually accumulates a lot of wealth. These people communication skills are very good, very bold because the sun is ruling the 3rd house of communication. They are very calculative when they spend their money. If they are buying anything for their home they always tend to do lots of calculation in their mind like how much I have and what if I spend this amount and what will be reaming in my hand etc. Sometimes it looks annoying to others at home. Their children are very balancing. These people want to make their children allrounder. This is because of Libra energy in the 5th house. These people deal with lots of enemies in their life. They face lots of oppositions and lots of debt in their life because the 6th house of debt and enemies ruled by Mars which is enemy of the ascendant ruler Mercury. Their marriage is not very good as it ruled by Jupiter which is again not in good relationship with the mercury. Gemini people are very talkative but they get a partner who is very philosophical in his approach and idealistic. Their partner always tries to infuse their beliefs in the Gemini people and that thing Gemini people never like because these people are very independent kind of nature. These people live a very long life as Saturn the slow moving planet ruling the 8th house. Their higher education and religious views are very philosophical and broader. They never stick to a single thing. These people are very diplomatic in their career. They communicate some sort of wisdom those who are needy. Their social network, friend circle becomes very important for them because it rules by Mars which is the God of energy. They gain through the enemy. These people meet their enemy very friendly and when their enemy tells them about their plans then they start making the strategy to defeat them. These people are very much visionary. They always look for better life visions in their mind.

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