Rising Sign, Simple Astrology

Leo Rising Sign

Rising sign is the sign, that was rising from the east when you were born. That rising sign becomes your ascendant. The planetary position decides how good or bad this situation is. It’s a fixed, fire sign which rules east direction.

Leo people are very proud and confident people. They know without putting too many efforts, they will achieve whatever they want. Their presence makes you feel that they are dominant. They are very quiet people. They never talk too much. They only talk when they provoked or taking is required for them. They are very calculative people when it comes to their wealth and family. Like they set in their mind how much money should be expended or how much money should be saved and how to behave with father or how to behave with siblings. It’s very calculative things which happen because of Virgo rules their second house. Their communication is very dynamic and balanced to the people around them because of Libra rules their 3rd house. How good or bad it is, its depend upon the position of Venus. They are very protective people for their home. They are very deeply connected to their house and mother due to scorpion energy in the 4th house. How good or bad it is, its depend upon mars and moon because mars are owner and moon is significator. They raise their children with philosophical wisdom because Jupiter rules the 5th house. Their creativity is also philosophical. If Jupiter is well placed then these people are very good at education. These people face a tremendous amount of opposition in their life it’s because of Saturn. Saturn rules the 6th house which is enemy to the sun. The marriage relationship is like a business relationship. These people can become a good astrologer, tantrik into the occult because Jupiter rules the 8th house. Their higher learning and the religious view is very determined. They love the career which exposes them to the outer world. Their social network is very communicative. They need to use communication in order to make money. Sometimes these people feel very spiritual and sometimes not.

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