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Excusitis: The Disease of Failures(Part-4)

It’s already been done by someone else, this is 4rth common excuse given by people.The truth is, no matter what you think to do, your idea will mostly be taken by someone else. It’s easy to say as an excuse that “that’s already been done.” Of course, it’s already been done, actually, everything has already been done unless you’re in a field which is 100% untapped. But that’s the exceptional the case.Whenever admit the truth that having new ideas always isn’t the formation that takes apart other’s ideas, you are mentally prepared for what’s possible and what you can truly achieve.

Look at Steve Jobs, he didn’t invent the computer, mobile digital media player or the cell phone. But he made all of them a heck of a much more better, and he’s known as an innovator because of it.When you want to do something that other people are already doing, your idea has already been validated autometically. It means you already have a starting point, from which your idea can grow because others also growing with the same idea.

The next most common excuse is what people say or what my friends think about me if I do something I like to do??or something must be done??When we start to depend on what society, friends or relative think of us, and we make their opinion basic to our potential, we get into trouble. By doing this automatically We start cutting our lives to fit the expectations of others.

Why we give power to others ?and allow them for pressions to become how we believed, we feel lost that who we really are. The only reality we can see is how we believe others see us which is not true exactly.

The greed of Praise: Proving to Society

Greed of praise from others or fear of failure always try to push you back.

There are never ending excuse but you can overcome to all of them. Everything is possible if you have dare and strong desire to do something.

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