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The Sun In Astrology(part-1)

The Sun is Light, Creator, the King of all other Planets and most important the sun is the first significator of astrology. There would be no life on earth without Sun. Sun is the centre of extreme power and all the planets revolve around him due to his huge gravitational force. Sun is indeed the Lord and Almighty.The sun is the significator of the Soul in astrology. But the sun never give the results because King never works. The Sun is highly inefficient planet. The house occupied by the Sun in the birth chart, is only brighten. The sun makes you to available to be seen,by the light of the sun you can see the other things,the sun represents heart too.

The sun is the significator of the first house (soul,immune system or resistance power,white blood cells,confidence) and 10th house(father,DNA,name,fame,recignition,connection with the government). If the sun is not placed well in your birth chart and Navmansha chart then whole life you will lack of confidence, poor immune system,Low self esteem. Where Sun sits in birth chart this makes people focus on that house,eye on that house. Now if your sun is placed in first house, people only see your face. You make an impression on others — you have “presence” — and you know it. You are self-conscious, although you may prefer to project a strong image.When sun sits in second house of birth chart ,your family is very famous. You known by your family reputation. When sun sits in the 3rd house of birth chart, you always show to people who is your sibling due to their reputation or due to your deed you will be known to people as 3rd house is the house of courage and younger sibling. Like you always say many time, my brother is doctor or he is enggineer. Or some of Your work will always be appriciated or known to everyone like people say to you are that person who did that deed. When sun is in your 4th house of birth chart,your house will be situated in some well known place to public. Like just behind some famous building. Everything will be luxurious and known by people which luxuries and wealth you are enjoying but It’s not good for your heart. When sun is in 4th house these people make so much changes in others life like swami vivekanand and lord Krishna and generation to generation people will remember to them.

Day: Sunday
Direction: East
Colour: Red,Orange
Time spend in One Zodiac Sign: One Month
Nature: Authoritative and Dominative
Star ruled: Krittika , Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha
Friendly planets: Mars, Jupiter and Moon
Enemy planets: Saturn and Venus
Neutral planets: Mercury
Own Sign : Leo
Mool Trikon in: Leo 20 Degree
Exalted in: Aries 10 Degree
Debilitated in: Libra 10 Degree
Metal: Gold and copper
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 6 years
If well placed signifies: Courage, father, political power
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance and jealous nature
Body parts ruled: Heart, brain, head, eye, bones, chest, lungs and stomach
Diseases given by Sun: Weak eyesight, headache, bone weakness,baldness, heart problems,etc

If sun is in your 5th house,you must be known by your child. Due to your child deed or child’s name and fame gives you credit. 5th house is the judgement house of your past birth,what you did in your past life is stored in 5th house of birth chart which you never able to see. But when your sun is in the 5th house each of your good and bad deed come into the surfac or known by people. If sun is in your 6th house then it is not a good sign as you know all your enemy but you unable to defeat them. You know about what decease or known genetic decease you are going to face in future but still you did not do anything. Your mindset is like what can I do with this ? Let it be. They are always into litigations and debt. There is a fix time those who are born in between 8pm to 10pm,there sun will be in 6th house. There is a warning for these people that always take care of your health because you know in future which kind of decease you can face to do regular checkup etc. Other planet doesn’t tell you which decease you are going to face but sun openly challenge that in future if you are going to face same decease like your father. Even though these people facing lots of problem in their lives but didn’t take any action.

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