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How Valid Is Astrology

Many people are pessimists of astrology. They incline to be citizens who have no understanding or direct knowledge of Jyotisha. Here we would be saying to you why we should acknowledge in Astrology. Before we move on, let’s understand the significance of astrology.

What is astrology?

It is the study of the activities and comparative responsibilities of stellar bodies understood as having an effect on benevolent relationships and the biological realm. It uses a person’s birth chart to clarify their temperament and predict the likely circumstances that will occur in their life.

Why should we acknowledge in astrology?

The astrologer uses science, maths and statement to provide an insightful calculation of the narrative and recommendation to the future. An astrological calculation is a logical, useful tool for comprehending the incidents of life as well as making significant and profitable determinations about several actions, careers, and connections.

Does astrology function?

In an understanding, astrology functions. It can work relatively well, as practised today. Any person who inquires for the guidance of astrologer or attend him, end up emotion profited and convinced. You are told stuff about your personality and vitality and are understood how magical armies in the universe contour your destiny. In this generally independent modern nation, you feel pertain to the nation around you. Most helpful, you even get some valuable guidance about your destiny.

Is Jyotisha a science?

In some ways, jyotisha may seem scientific. It uses scientific understanding about heavenly corpses, as well as scientific sounding equipment, like star diagrams. Astrology is a spiritual science. The science of Vedic jyotisha was formulated by great sage Parashara. So astrology beliefs can not be unfair. People use this to develop intentions about coming circumstances and people’s temperaments, much as scientific impressions generate goals.

How credible is astrology?

Some of the most powerful and influential governors have used jyotisha. Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular people who have utilized jyotisha.

Benjamin Franklin was a publisher, author and lawmaker. He used astrology for the announcement of Independence.

Founder of Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, & Disney land etc Walt Disney also utilized jyotisha. It was well understood that he used astrological timing for industry goals to ensure profitable openings for the films and theme parks. Using this astrological advice, he earned millions.

Like everyone else, even ISRO scientists acknowledge in lucky charms. You may or may not believe in planets, but ISRO scientists do not accept any possibilities to take the risk. If astrological principles encourage a launch being profitable, then who cares, TRUE?

There are many more in the list of important and powerful people who have used jyotisha in history, including presidents, CEOs, financial planners, brokers, accountants, counsellors and other numerous experts.

Today people in many industries use Astrology mainly because of three purposes, first, it helps, second It is precise and third it helps them to manage their life more effectively and make their decisions more successful.

So why believe in astrology? The explanation is because it helps!

7 thoughts on “How Valid Is Astrology”

  1. The similarities and differences between the Vedic and Western astrological systems are interesting – much of this is familiar, some is not. Thank you for the follow, and best of luck with everything!

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    1. Thank you so much for giving time to read my post and for good luck wish 🤗☺ 🙏. Yes you are right that There are differences between Vedic and western astrology but still very interesting subject 🙂its my pleasure to follow 🤗

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