Is There any Success ShortCut?

Everyone is in search of a shortcut. Shortcut basically is an alternative route that is shorter than the one usually taken..You will see many people asking questions like, “how can I make money quick?” or “how can I achieve overnight success ?” “how can I get a perfect life partner quickly?”” how can i become slim in shortcut?”etc. But think about it, if there is shortcut like this then why people will do lots of hard work? Why they don’t follow shortcut can get rich in one night!!! You see many times when there is a traffic jam somewhere and suddenly someone sees that there is a small tiny way or shortcut to go and people try to go there to get rid of traffic, that small way also get jam because many people want to get rid of traffic shortcut. Tricks never work. There is no shortcut way out to get success. If it exists then there is a traffic jam for sure. Waiting for a shortcut to achieve success is completely a waste of time. So don’t wait for any shortcut and start doing hard work. There is No any fine tricks to get success in any area of life. If you want Real and long lasting success then always remember that there is no shortcut.Shortcut gives you temporary success sometimes. So always willing to take the stairs of success.

Success Shortcut

Don’t Feed Your Ego To Avoid shortcut

At this time, many people give a boost to their ego and increase their desires. But we should give a power boost to our intelligence and increase our capabilities to anything. This is the aim of knowledge and life. But many people think as education means only pass the exam. This mentality they bring in their life and searching to shortcuts to get passing marks. If you want to live your life well, then you need to participate in life’s hard tasks. This doing tasks and giving your 100% gives you a fulfillment and happiness in life. If any Shortcuts gives you temporary success then it will fulfill your ego only not your life. By seeing other unsuccessful people you will feel better for some time. But if you achieve success with your hard work then it fulfills your life for a lifetime. This is because now you are able to maintain it.

I Have To Do Something and not Looking for any Shortcut

Many people waste their life waiting for any shortcuts. They make tons of excuses like my family doesn’t have enough money to do something for me? It I am waiting for next election may be government make things easier for me, then I will start my business type excuses. Neither shortcuts, these people even unable to take the main road!! In this world whoever do something which called success, never done using shortcuts. Successful people achieve success through their hard work. Whenever some feel like, “I have to do something,” then heart says just do it!! It never says what’s the shortcut for it? The idea of taking a shortcuts is to generate by a lazy person inside ourselves. And a lazy person can’t achieve success.

Formula of Success

The harder you work, the luckier you get! No Shortcut

Always remember that whenever you start doing your work, you feel the things become easier after some time. You will feel that your luck is increasing every day. But in reality, you always have that much luck but hard work is the key to open your door of luck!! Many people say that “the harder you work, the luckier you get!!” this is 100% true. Whenever you make a decision to do something, just count for 3 seconds and start doing it. No matter how easy or hard it is but just starts. Starting is the hardest part. Do not wait for shortcuts. The people who wait for shortcuts, always waiting in Their Lives. If you observe minutely nobody needs a shortcut. Whenever you make yourself a person who is a hard worker and never complain then you will realize that if there is some short it of success then it is only hard work. No matter how many opportunities you grab, no matter how lucky you are if you do not do hard work then you will get nothing.

33 thoughts on “Is There any Success ShortCut?”

  1. Unfortunately this belongs to a society of fast-food: to get everything in within a short time. What is missing there is quality, patience and real hardship, efforts, discipline.
    Thanks for sharing, dear Nidhi ๐Ÿ™‚
    All good wishes


  2. It’s true that there are no shortcuts in life and you have pointed out the problem very aptly Nidhi that (quoting you) ” Starting is the hardest part “. A wonderful topic addressed here. Great going!


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