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What holding you back

If you are the type of person who is started 100of things at the same time and face failure in each, then this article may be useful for you. But I must tell you, there is no way to avoid failure. Many people take failure personally. They say, I know I can’t do it. But you should know that anyone who is doing something, faces many failures in his life. Many successful people face many failures in their life. Don’t take failure personally. But always learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat the same mistake if you want to grow in your life.

If you understand behind your failures then you can increase the chances of success in life. So here are a few reasons for failure;

You care too much about what other people think

Every time you do something or you don’t do anything people always have problems with you. There is no way to please everyone. better to forget about what everyone else is thinking about you. Don’t take their negativity in your life but take the information he said.

Emotionally reactive

The second thing which is holding back to you is your overflow of emotions and reactions. If something bad happens with you once, your whole day gonna bad. This type of thing is called emotionally reactive. You should control your emotions, do not allow emotions to control you. For implementation, you should not take action while you feel emotions are overflowing in your mind. Just wait for some time. You should postpone your reaction and take a break. You can take a walk. This way your emotions got reset and you will think correctly.

You are very much goal-oriented

Many people think this is awkward as being goal-oriented is a good thing. But that’s true being too much goal-oriented can increase the chance of failure. We all know to get success in anything we have to make a goal and work on those goals. This is a fact. But many times a strange thing happens that many people face failures because their all focus is only on their goals. For example, if you decide to crack the government exam and with 100%focus on your goal, you started working. But many times you are dreaming about the accomplishment of that goal. Suddenly you realize the distance between you and your goal and you feel demotivated. This is because your focus is on your goal only.

Same thing you can understand the example of a weight loss journey. When you started working out on your body and thinking about ideal body all day then you see yourself in the mirror you realize that how far your goal is and your demotivation arises. So you should not be too much goal-oriented instead you should be process-oriented. So after setting the goal to think about the process which can bring you to near your goal. So focus on the process only. The goal is very much important to achieve anything in life but after that process of achieving a goal is more important than thinking about the goal.

Find out, Every week, every day, every month what you need to do to accomplish that goal. Then focus on the process and not too much think about the goal.

Not taking constructive criticism as a feedback

Many times you started doing something but you don’t know that is right or wrong. At this point, only the feedback from people is helpful for you. You have to ask people are you doing the things right or not. But always remember the person should be good enough on that thing which you are trying to accomplish. Also, he must be your well-wisher. Suppose you are trying to give a speech on stage so before going there you should ask about that speech and take some tips if necessary. Don’t visit a person who is your enemy. Their feedback will useful to you.

If someone giving you the feedback, then you don’t need to criticize them or argue with them. If you ask for feedback then only listen carefully. If you started arguing then that person will know that you are not willing for any constructive criticism but you want to listen to something from him. Even if you think that person is wrong still pay thanks for his advice but don’t argue with them. Think about their opinions and if they right then start working on it.

Take Responsibilities

Always take responsibility for your every action. Like if you want to wake up early, then don’t say like my mom never tries to wake me up early in the morning. They say because of my mom, I can’t wake up early. It’s your responsibility only. So apply it in your life. Don’t depend on others. You can’t blame anyone for your failure. If you don’t do so then you will be stuck in the same place. No one else will take responsibility for your failure. If you want different results in life then do something different.

Everything which is achievable is not easy to get. Don’t afraid to look different from others. Because most people are blaming others for all things. Some people afraid of getting successful. They think others get jealous who are near to them. But it’s also a strong possibility that many people near you get inspired by you. If you think like That mindset then nothing can hold you back!!

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